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    This is a great site and so glad we have this now. I am writing to our PKU comunity to let you know our youngest daughter was diagnosed with PKU at birth. She is now 3. nOur 2 oldest daughters did not get it. I wanted to pass this information along to our network that we have our own on-line company in which we give a percentage of our sales to PKU research and ALD research(an allied disorder) through our foundation which we have created called The Forever Light Foundation. Our store is if there is anyway you could pass our store along to all you know(freinds and family) on your email list. We have high hopes to raise alot of money to help the children affeted with these diseases any way we can,but it is about networking and working together to get our vision and goals accomplished. I look so foward to talking and sharing our concerns, triumphs, and challenges together.
    Sincerly, nRebecca

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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