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    My company has just released its PKU Tracker application to the apple app-store. It can be downloaded via the app store worldwide and run on an ipod touch or iphone. I encourage you to check it out and please let me know if you have any feedback (via the email support email from itunes). I also encourage you to please leave some positive feedback on iTunes to help increase visibility. I expect this to be a breakthrough for all those who suffer from PKU, as it allows an easy way to look up and track this information on the go.

    Please help me spread the word.

    PKU Tracker – program description

    Phenylketonuria (PKU) is an autosomal recessive genetic disorder characterized by a deficiency in the enzyme hepatic phenylalanine hydroxylase. This enzyme is necessary to metabolize the amino acid phenylalanine to the amino acid tyrosine.

    People who suffer from PKU must very carefully track their diet to ensure they are eating foods that are low in Phenylalanine, or PHE. Until now, this tracking has been very difficult, but these days are no more, thanks to this great app!

    PKU Tracker is a way to easily look up how much PHE is contained in whatever food you are eating. Not only can you look this information up, you can also maintain a log of everything you've eaten on a given day, and then view how much PHE total you have consumed.

    Here are some features:
    -Accurate, well researched, database containing over 4300 different food items from 25 categories and 127 subcategories
    -Browse items by category, subcategory, or brand
    -Search the list to find a particular item by its name or brand
    -Maintain a list of your favorite items, for quick, easy log entries.
    - View the amount of phe in a given item. Units are in milligrams per gram.
    -Convert between mg/g to mg/ounce and mg/pound with a push of a button
    -Record a new food item consumed on a given date and time to be displayed in your logs
    -View your log for any given day and view a total of mG of PHE consumed and a total of exchanges consumed
    -Add new items into the item database

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    This sound very cool.  I have been waiting for something like this to come along.  I may have to break down and buy an ipod touch. 

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    does this also have the baby food (Gerber) and how often are the PHE levels updated?  I would have to invest in something and I don't want to rush out and get this when I have a great excel sheet keeping tabs of all the baby foods.  Gerber and I have become friends on the phone to verify the amounts.

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    does this also have the baby food (Gerber) and how often are the PHE levels updated?  I would have to invest in something and I don't want to rush out and get this when I have a great excel sheet keeping tabs of all the baby foods.  Gerber and I have become friends on the phone to verify the amounts.

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    Hey I checked the app out on the apple website and it looks really neat. Where did all of the phe information come from? Who did the research?
    I am a bit hesitant because I bought a Palm phone so I could get a Diet Manager that was only compatible to Palms. Turns out it was not a very impressive program. How can I know this one will be worth my money?
    Rachel, NC

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    I'd like to know what database was used, how often it will be updated and can you email or print the food records for clinic visits/when Phe levels are done.

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    I had to use someone's phone to look this app up… is there a way to view online so I can show my husband… Also does this need the 32g phone to run this app if the information gets too big?  Is there a way we can archive this?  My son is only 6 mo. old and I would be using this for a long time.

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    Hey- the database was gathered by a Collegiate organization that was compiling data from several sources for a similiar project. I am not sure of their exact sources, but they spent alot of time gathering this data. You can easily add new items to the database as you see fit.

    It is very uncertain how much time I will have to update the application, unfortunately upkeep takes funds to do the work and right now the app is not generating the funds that would be required to perform regular updates to the item database— so at this time, I cannot promise that the database will be updated.

    Yes, there are alot of gerber products included in the DB.

    The logs can be easily viewed for any particular day and the info can be manually transferred into some format to show your doctor. At this point there is no feature which allows this data to be automatically exported.

    Overall, the program is very small and information as it is logged is very small. I don't think any large amount of memory is needed on the ipod to maintain a log. It would take a very very long time to log a whole gigabyte of information. Archiving is not necessarily possible, but apple provides a mechanism to backup all the data on your ipod/ iphone (including this) and transfer it to a new device.

    Note this runs on an ipod touch as well… an iphone is not required.

    There is no online version, but you can find a link to it with screen shots here:

    Hope this answers most of your questions.


    cool mann i'm buying an ipod touch next week and i'll be sure to download it from the app store. yeh i'll help you spread the word and that should be very useful thanks.



    I looked at the screen shots and thanks again for informing me about this PKU tracker, it shall be very useful to me thanks.


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    Hey everyone,

    My mom recently got this app, because she is constantly on the go with my one year old sister. She figured it would be useful, especially since in January we could potentially have yet another kid with PKU in our family. My mom has been looking through the app, and she is very impressed! The information on how much phe is in the foods are VERY accurate. If I am correct there is also a way to log what you have eaten during the day on this app as well.

    The only down fall my mom found was the fact that the app gives you how much phe is in one gram of the food. This is a problem for us, because we usually measure with cups, tablespoons etc, BUT it still seems very neat! I encourage you to check it out.

    ~Breanna 18 CPKU


    i will check it out, it sounds a cool way to keep track of everything,



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    This app is no longer available. Virginia Schuett found out that the person who created this app used her phe book as a reference, and she put a stop to it. She sent an email to the list serv about how her book is copyrighted, and she was not asked permission from the person who made the app to use her information. Isn't it wonderful how copyright only cares about who owns what and whose being paid for what, rather than who can benefit from this product? That was sarcasm right there.

    Personally I think it's a shame, because my mother really enjoyed this app. With three kids in my family who have PKU (and possibly another one on the way) this really helped my mom. Especially with the baby, because it is even more important to monitor what she eats.

    Virginia Schuett claims that another PKU company is working on creating an app that is similar. The only question I have is WHEN will this app that the PKU company is working on be available, and HOW MUCH is it going to cost??? If the price is not compareable to the $4.99 that this one was available for, then it might not be worth buy.

    Just my thoughts on this subject.

    ~Breanna 18 CPKU

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    Too bad. I was going to ask her for my app that  I am createing. I am using the USDA until I can get something else going.

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    Have no fear! The app will be back shortly. It is true that it has been removed because I unknowingly was violating Virginia's copyrights.

    However… I am in talks with a company who plans on sponsoring this program moving forward. They will provide a new database and it will be in their interest to continue to develop new features for the program. The company has no intention of making profit from the application, so I would not be too concerned about a price increase from them.

    I am very confident that if this deal goes through, it will be in the best interest of everyone.

    We are hoping to get the app back up within a few weeks.

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