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    i would really like to talk to anyone who has been involed in oraganizing a walk a thon or walked in one. i want to hold one here on vancover island on may 10th 2008 but have no idea how to get started or were to begin.. all i have is a date and place in mind. i would like to get a comittee toghther and beging working imediatly… i only have 7 months to plan it. any tibits advice or little facts u can offer id really appricate it. u can contact me on here or email me! thanks so much!

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    so im having some progress in organizing a pku walk a thon best friend tyrai is helping me call places to hold it and shes lookign in to geting saint john abulance to do first aid and im doing the media and sponoser ships.. im meeting with my manager on momday to discuss the possibilit of his company to support me.. i am buyign some of the snacks my self and proboly pku awarness month tshirts myself..wel atleast 6 for staff.. nive decided also to sell the wristbands there and maybe pku tshirts.. ty is handeling the regerstartion and money..cole and i are handelingthe media, advertsing, legal mostly all the big stuff.. well mostly me ..cole is to busy..he will be there to bounce ideas off or help me when i get stuck..but mostly hes there to supprt me.. but i think we have started to get the ball rolling im excited!!!!

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    hey everyone i just wanted to share the latest updates on the walk and a funny little story from work.
    My Co-worker Nick ( and greatest help besided Tyrai) has designed a flyer and brouchers for the walk that are amaxing! he is so very talented. even cole was impressed. and within the last 2 days emailed Chek news, A-Channel new, city TV breakfast television, The zone 91.3 radio station , Kool fm radio station , the ocean radio station, jack fm radio station, Save on foods, thrifty foods, all the PKU websites and online food stores and even companies like SHS , mead Johnson, even VGH hospital foundation, staples business depot, Roots clothing store, The running room, foot runners, Sports traders , foot locker, aspen clothing city of Langford mayor, VI fitness gym( my gym) , and West shore shopping center. I heard back from a few, we mostly got rejected , but kool fm is adding it to there events page and Aspen clothing is donating a few gift certificates. Virginia Shcuett sent me a pku food list and recipe book to be raffled off, cambrooke foods are also going to send some gift packages, and my gym has posted our flyer and the tranier (the manager) said she

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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