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    If anyone got any problems tell me and I’ll see if I can Help with the situation.


    hey…my name is kayla buchholz and i have a problem with keeping my levels low…what should i do???
    ~Kayla Buchholz~

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    Hello, I am new to this. I came off of my diet at the age of 19, I’m 26 now and have been suffering with anxiety attacks and agoraphobia – this REALLY sucks because I live in Kansas…probably the worst place to have that in. We have only just likened my problems to PKU as we weren’t as well informed as to what would happen when I came off of the diet. I would like to know that if I go back on a strict diet will it reverse the psychological effects? Will it get me back to my old self, or have I shot myself in the foot coming off of the diet completely for the past 6 years? Had I known these were consequences I wouldn’t have done this to myself, or my family. Any help and info would be great.

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    Ha. I just realised this was probably for website problems, not PKU issues. Scuse me!

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    No, I think this is for PKU related problems, so don’t worry .
    I’m not sure if going back on diet will reverse the problems you’re already having, but it will definitely stop future problems. I know some PKU adults who went off diet and then went back on that said when they returned to the diet some problems like tremors or headaches did get better or disappear completely. A lot of people that I know who have gone back on diet after being off have said that when they went back on diet felt much better in general. I personally would suggest going back on diet, especially if your a girl and want to have a child someday. If your not on diet while your pregnant it can cause a lot of problems to the baby.
    If you do decide to go back on diet then the best of luck to you! nBre 17

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    Thank you for the reply. I’m not a girl, but that looks like sound advice too for any other girls. If going back on the diet I was on will help, I’m willing to give it a shot. Fortunately I have a lot of support from family and friends, I just have to hope going back on the diet isn’t going to be an incredible financial burden. Having lived in England I haven’t had to pay for the supplements needed, now I’m in the States it is a different story I guess!

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    Hi Lordpeterson,
    I do have a question any advice on recovering anorexic and pku?
    I just started back on diet due to major moodswings and wanting 2 have a baby. nAny advice would be greatly appreciated, and i am very open and honest about talking about my anorexic and pku. nPlease do not hesitate to ask any question…..

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    As for having to pay for supplements in the US, it really depends on what state you’re in. I live in Illinois, where the Department of Health provides free formula to anyone in the state who needs it (you need a doctor’s prescription to show need). However, in Missouri, I know that there is no coverage for formula, and you have to pay for it entirely out-of-pocket. Check into the laws in your state.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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