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    I don't suffer from pku and I don't have a diagnostic yet. High protein foods give me terrible, debilitating  migraines,  gas and nausea . I have suffered from these for 20 years (I am 43 now) and only in the recent years I have figured out how I can be free of them. My life has changed and it is almost normal because  I am on a strict diet, very similar with the pku diet. I can't eat meat, eggs, dairy, legumes, seeds. I can eat any amount of cereals though. I can eat bread all day. My own little research tells me that  I have a problem with lysine. Bread, rice, potatoes are lower in lysine, so I can eat them. But I am not sure.

    My medical tests are all fine, except for an autoimmune thyroid disease, but the doctors say it shouldn't give me these symptoms.

    My doctors threatened me that I will get  sick if not eating right, they want me to add back the proteins, but in the same time they agree I can't do this. They are as confused as I am.

    I was surprised to see that people on the forum look fine. I have become very skinny since I have started the diet . How can you be on a low protein diet and look great? Are you cheating or not?

    Can you please tell me how the body manages to create hormones, enzymes, keep the immunity high enough and the organs healthy with this small amount of proteins that you are eating? What should I expect when eating like this: cereals, rice, vegetables and fruits only? Can people live on low protein diets for years?

    Thanks to PKU recipes I have found the low protein cheese and I bought it today. I was  happy at the supermarket. I used to get very upset in the cheeses section, as cheese used to be my favorite food.
    Thank you!  

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    Hi there alina..

    Well you dont suffer from PKU, if u had PKU and was untreated till this day i would say you wouldnt be on here looking for questions you would be severely brain damaged and several other disabilities.

    However i do agree maybe your allergic to some foods!

    While us Pku'ers are on a very low Protein diet we also take a formula which gives us all the amino acids, minerals and vitamins that we are missing from normal foods, we can drink this upto 3-4 times a day! Also we have special Low protein foods which we get on prescription which most are high in calories and everything balances out! its all a bit hard to understand if u dont suffer PKU.

    If i was you tho i would listen to your doctors orders as he knows best and you could become ill!

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    Nicole, I am going to see a new doctor, specialist in genetics and   metabolism , since it is possible to have another protein related disease.

    I understand now that the formula helps you keep things in  balance.

    Thank you for your answer!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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