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    I was just wondering… so many people on this website seem to have had problems with others making fun of their food or milk.
    Why do people do this? Does anyone have a complicated theory to answer the basic question, “What’s their PROBlem?!” Do they not understand the science of it, and so it’s threatening because it’s different and maybe hard to understand? I don’t get it. It just seems stupid, to make fun of people for doing something that is required for their health.
    Any insightful ideas?

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    Hi, Jabberwocky, I like your posts. You seem very intelligent and cool!
    Just wanted to say that this happened to me, too (being made fun of) and I think it happens when people do not understand things. For instance, I work with autistic kids sometimes and they are made fun of simply because many people don’t understand what autism is all about. It’s very sad. I believe if everyone could be educated about PKU and made to understand that it’s not something to take lightly, then they might not be so mean.
    At the age when I was getting made fun of quite a lot, it was when I was basically the teacher’s pet, and I think jealousy played into it a lot. The kids were “jabbing” me in my one sore spot — they knew how to really hurt my feelings.
    Don’t let people like this discourage you, like I did (unfortunately).

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    Thanks, Kathleen.
    My friend has PKU, not me, but I’m vegetarian so I can somewhat relate to people being stupid about food.
    I guess it’s a hard question to answer. Why are people judgmental? I know I can be at times. Maybe it comes down to ignorance. The times when I would be judgmental would be the times when I don’t understand what a certain person has had happen in his/her life. If I am aware of the person’s problem, and can understand why, then I don’t judge as much. To be nonjudgmental takes empathy, for which I need to be able to imagine being someone different from myself, with a different history.
    For people who have been raised on hamburgers, it’s hard to imagine having my early childhood of tofu being common finger-food. Just like I lack any of their positive associations with meat. Honestly, I might be as judgmental about their eating meat as they are about my not eating meat.
    Maybe that’s why differences can cause such problems. We look at other people’s choices through the viewpoint of our own life experiences, and say, “Why would you do that? That doesn’t make sense. I must be smarter than you.” Except really we just have different families, different genes, different pasts, so it’s not fair.
    I’m just musing. Not sure if I’m making sense.
    Basically if everyone understood everything about everyone else, people would be nice to each other… yeah…

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    This is a very interesting question. I think a lot of why people are…ignorant I guess you could say…is because of jealousy, not understand and just because everybody comes from different family backgrounds and everyone has different moral values, beliefs etc. But I’m sure there are probably other reasons aswell.
    This is something that never made much sense to me when I was younger (why people tease others for being different). I really don’t have to deal with getting teased anymore, but I did a lot when I was younger.
    When I was younger I didn’t really understand why the other students were mean back then, but now I can sort of understand. I think part of it might have been jealousy. I was home schooled until 4th grade and all of the other students thought it. A lot of my friends even tell me now that they think home schooled kids just sit around the house all day watching television, eating constantly and have their parents do the work for them (which of course aren

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    Yeah… I have also been made fun of for my food and milk… it was especially hard for me when I was in 2nd-3rd grade.
    In my school, only the teachers were allowed to get salad, so the other kids would ask how come I get to have a salad, even though they wouldn’t eat it even if they had been allowed to get it. I have found that most people want something for no reason other than because somebody else has it. I have experienced this with siblings, cousins, and classmates. But, being so young then, I guess what they all failed to realize is that whenever somebody’s mama surprised the class with cupcakes for the kid’s birthday, I had to sit there and act like I didn’t want one when they came to give me a cupcake and I said “I don’t want one.” It was a lie, but I found that it was much easier to just say that I didn’t want one than to try to explain my condition that I didn’t fully understand. nMillie

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    P.S.-I can’t count how many times I have heard somebody say “I wish I had PKU!” n Millie

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    Hey, I honestly think the reason why I was picked on as a kid, and why anybody is picked on is simple. People are afraid of and avoid what is different than they are used to. In no way does that excuse their behavior, but it is simple. It is why people from different backgrounds are more likely to stick together, people who dress different than their neighborhood are seemed as “odd”, and why people with disorders are looked at and treated differently. I barely understood PKU when I was little so there is no way that I could have expected some other child who had never heard of or dealt with it would know what was going on. It’s simply fear of the unkown I believe.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I do agree with Mayrogers.
    I think it is simply they are afraid of the unknown. nSeriously what else csn it be?
    And the worst are kids can be cruel,and if there parents don’t play a role in teaching them that there are Special Kids out there( Be it PKU or Not),how should we expect them to learn.
    When i was in High School(Back in the stone ages)LOL
    I took biology of course so i decided to explain it to my class.Honestly they looked dumbfounded.
    For the average kid ,teen,tween,or even adult
    I just don’t think they understand. nSo how do they react(Like Bre said ingnorent).
    I think because they are embarressed,and do not want to admit it.
    Okay Guys think about when WE talk about our PKU doesn’t everyone look at you like (What the heck are they Talking about)?
    Thats what i run into.So maybe the average person (not PKU) feels alittle inadiquite or in better words Dumb!(Sorry to be so blunt)
    I don’t mean to affend anyone.K nWE do sound awfully intelligent when discussing PKU. Think About it!
    Take Care, nTracie-PKU

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    Haha Tracie I did the same thing!
    Every single biology class from 8th grade on I have talked about and explained PKU. I

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    [COLOR=red]Hi MayRogers,
    I giggled when i read your post.
    Now as an Adult i go to my daughters school to educate Jr. High and High Schoolers in there Medical Bio course.
    I live in a pretty small town,and i am coming to find out that these Young Adults are a little more patient with other kids younger or even same age group.
    Its kinda cool having to Educate the teacher as well.(The kids get a kick out of it)LOL
    Our school is combined from pre-school up to High school.500 kids total. nJust gives you an idea how small my community is.I am the only personin 2 cities that has PKU.LOL
    Take care, nTracie-PKU

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     Oh, the teasing I went through in school! I can relate! Never did deal with it well…

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    I'm new to this topic. No one ever made fun of me or anything like that-until today. My children's sister (Not my daughter) started a fight with me on Facebook. She knows nothing about my circumstances, but she thinks she knows everything. 

    I had problems trying to raise my children and my family wasn't supportive at all. this ignoramus blames me for my family's actions. It's too complicated to go on, but, bottom line is my non-PKU children have other problems not of my making.

    I never saw their sister before my son's wedding and i haven't seen her since. 

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