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    Does anyone have a favorite way of tracking your baby's amount of foods/phe?  I've been doing an excel sheet, but I was wondering if it's more efficient to do it another way. I like to send the record via email to my dietician regularly at this point, which makes me want to do it on the computer.  My problem is that I find myself forgetting to record stuff!

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     There is a great app if you have iphone or ipad called dietwellpku. You can log the phe intake in a great way, it contains list food which you can use while logging, you can use the recipes, and email the logs you have every day…. Definitely try it!

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    My favorite way is by removing the last sticky note of a sticky note pad and sticking the whole pad to the fridge. Then as I grab something from the fridge I write how much on the sticky note (keep a pen near by!). At the end of the day I can take the day's worth and either add it to a note pad, computer document, or stick it on my wall calendar to save to record for later. Good luck! 

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    Thanks, everyone for your great suggestions!

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     I Have  three month old th PKU and i write down all of her info such as what time she eats and how much each day in a note pas that i keep on her changing table. I use a different page for each day.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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