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    hi could anyone tell me if we are allowed special kon our diet if so how much and how many exchanges will it be? i will be gratefull for the advice
    thanks amanda

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    Hi Amanda, nDo you mean the cereal?
    If so it would depend on how may PHE’s you are allowed in a day.
    When i eat any cereal i go fro the lowest in protien,and then i use a juice instead of milk.
    I know sound Grose,but i’m use to it.
    I’ve never had any type of milk,and it makes me puke.LOL
    I hope i was some help?

    Avatar of Jennifer

    tracie, have you ever tried using coffee mate or another non-dairy creamer on your cereal?? it’s low in phe and tastes great. plus it looks like “normal people cereal” :-) i use it for everything including chocolate milk, alfredo sauce, ice cream, whatever calls for milk!

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    Hey Tracie, whatever floats your boat ! Jen is right though, you could try non-dairy creamers. I know a lot of people who use Rich’s Coffee Rich and it tastes pretty good.

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    Hi Jen & Bre, nDid i grose you both out?lOL nSorry,but i will definitly try the creamer.
    I use it for coffee all the time,but never thought of it.Great Idea.
    I’ll try it ,and let u guys know what i think.
    I do eat some strange combos,but i guess i,m just use to it. nHey do you both seem to not get as sick (flu,cold etc.)when other members in your family do?I’m just curious cause my daughter,and Hubby get sick alot,and i tend not to.Do you think its cause of our PKU diets? nTell me what you think?
    Talk to you soon, nTracie-PKU

    Avatar of Jennifer

    hey tracie! using juice isn’t too gross. :-) i used to use orange juice on corn flakes a lot, now i’ve just switched over to coffee mate. my favorite is on chocolate cereal (like cocoa puffs) cuz it makes the coffee mate taste like chocolate milk.
    i really dont get sick a lot either. it cud be in part to our diet maybe. i dont really think pku itself has a lot of effect on our immune systems, but all the fruits and veggies we eat could definitely boost our systems compared to those on the not-so-healthy “american” diet.
    my mom also freaks out pretty easily if i get a fever. did u know a fever actually causes higher blood phe levels?? so if u get one, take some tylenol or motrin asap!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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