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    My 6 month old son (has PKU) is about to begin baby foods.  I have been working with his dietician (who is great) but would love to get any tips from other parents out there. What low phe foods did you find to be the easiest to begin with? I heard that some higher foods (like bananas and sweet potatoes) we should stay away from at first because he can't have much of them. Do you agree? Any advice/suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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    try rice cerals dry they are 9 phe in one teblespoone the fruits like applesause one jar (2.5) is 7 phe apple blueberry 1 jar (4 oz) is 11 phe peaches 1 jar ( 2.5 oz) is 12 phe

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     Milupa makes at least two different low pro versions of the baby pablum (that is what we started on) then moved to applesauce and slowly worked to other purred fruits and eventually veggies. It is really hard and intimidating in the beginning- it seems like they cannot eat anything. But give it a year and you'll be a pro and it will be natural- believe it or not- !!

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    Yep, like those who said above, rice cereal to start. There is a low pro cereal, which Jacob moved to when he started diet but never gave up on the rice cereal, it was just another option.

    Mum Mum Rice Rusks allowed him to feed himself. Which he LOVES.

    We were able to use a majority of baby fruits from Heinz, but also opted to make our own. Same with veggies.. We made many of our own, in puree form.

    Fruit has always been free in Jacob's points, so we relied on it quite a bit, cause he loves it! We moved off baby applesauces and moved to the snack size ones we give the other two kids in their lunches, that also gave more variety :)

    Enjoy. Eventually this will feel like old hat, even thou it doesnt seem it right now :)

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    jakesmom – what phe values are you using for the Mum Mum Rice Rusks?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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