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    Hi I have 2 sons, a 4 year old with PKU and a 1 year old without PKU. My eldest son will start school in Sept and I am concerned about how he will cope with the whole situation. He is on 4 Exchanges a day at the moment and it is becoming incresingly more difficult. I have so many questions to ask, do other parents have problems with new school starters. Are other children badly tempered/behaved. How do you get them to drink their formulas (5 a day) whilst they are at school when they currently refuse to drink it out of a cup and only a bottle!! nDo other children suffer with hyperactivity because my husband and I feel that this is a side affect of the disorder, even though the doctor flatly disputes this? nMy son is extremley intelligent and completely normal in every way, his speech is fantastic and his brain in always on the go!! He just drives us mad most of the time, the arguments over mealtimes are becoming more and more frequent!

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    Hey, I’m not a parent, I’m 18 but I can tell you what my mother did. What you have to do is inform the teacher how important your child’s diet is. Do not by any means leave the teacher in the dark. If your child will only drink formula from a bottle, then I guess just give him a bottle to have during snack time at school. Once again just stress to the teacer how important it is. I never had any problems with a temper at school (besides the normal 4 year old mentality) except when kids made fun of me (more a problem in later years i.e 3rd grade- 6th grade). If you have any more questions please ask!
    Sincerely, nMeaghan

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    HI there,
    Its hard i know,but try to make his meal time special.
    Not to other children, but to him. nMy mother instead of having formula at school she would wait and give it to me at home.
    You can use rewards that way, and believe it or not it would work.
    Let him choose the type of luch to take.(obviously) under your discretion. nJust don’t let him know that. nCarrots and Italian dip, nApples and dairy free dip. nAlso a good one Sorbet. nWay lower in phe than ice cream,but he doesn’t know the difference. nAdd in a speacial treat just from mom! nWith an I LOVE YOU!
    You’ll be amazed on his reaction. nJust let him get involved in his food choices,but guide him gentley.
    I hope i helped, nTracie

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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