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    Last sunday Ady got sick with the stomach, bug vomited all night. The doctor and the dietican said clear liquids for 12 hours then 1/2 strenght formula. We did that then we went to full strenght the next day. (She is to drink 24ozs in 24hrs). She start at 8am and had 8ozs left at 6pm then she start getting sick again. So we repeated the process again. She got sick again. Meanwhile she has no fever but has the runs because she has not had any nutrition for a week. And she thinks its funny when she pukes all over mom and dad. She won’t take naps or does not want to be put down for she is hungry and fussy. This girl can sleep up to 3hours for naps and goes to bed around 8:30pm and sleeps until 7 to 8 the next am without waking up. she is 4 1/2 months old. We been to the doctor and the ER both this week. They say its a bug, All of us has had it but has recovered within 24hours. Wednseday was the last of the family having it. Ady was not sick that day but was thursday and today also tuesday so every other day. nAny ideas on what’s going on? I’m exhusted!(and sick of puke) nBrandi

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    When Easton was sick with the flu (lots of puke) we gave him Pedialyte and Jell-o. Don’t give very much at a time or she’ll puke it back up. I wonder if she’d like it if you diluted her formula with the Pedilyte, just a thought. I’m always trying to think of variations to keep things interesting for Easton’s tastebuds.

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    id have to agree with the drinking more formula when sick, even at my age when i get sick.. like just last week i had a virus in my intestines and was not alound to eat. i drank all liquids and my milk. my dietican told me it was also a good idea to have dialuted jusic. applesauce and or sherbert. sherbert is a fuit falvor low in phe icecream. also is called sorbeet! hope this helps! try to avoide apple juice and orange juice when sick as it has an high acid content wich hurts a sore tummy.
    my little tick for ppl my age or myslef is hot apple cider.. cures my tummy aches all teh time!!!! i hate ginger ale so its a blessing!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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