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    Hi, i’m a student teacher on my final teaching practice before i qualify. I have a pupil with PKU in my class from Saudia Arabia, and his condition wasnt discovered until he was 4. He is now 5 and brain damaged. I’m concerned on how to best support him as im really unsure on the effects of his condition on his brain activity. Please help!! :-)

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    Hi, My name’s Breanna. I’m 15 and I have PKU like your student and fortunetally perfectly healthy. I’m not a doctor, plus I’m not sure how off this child is but I would just say that you should try to help his parents monitor what he eats as well as you can. Try too treat him as much like any other kid as much as you can (Again I’m not positive how mentally damaged he is). I hope this helps some what but let me know if you need any other help. nBreanna

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    hi my name is angela i have pku too. there are different things that kids with pku can eat like for instance if you want to give him some candy give him anything thats not chocolate, doesnt contain phenylanalyne, and is not sugar free and you will be fine some of the free foods that it doesnt matter how much you give him and hell get sick before he even gets a hint of more brain damage is candy, frosting, any kind of pop as long as its not diet, and any kind of freeze pops that arent sugar free.i hope this helps so you know some of the things he can and cant eat and maybe theres a way we can get him back on track.
    nangela kazar

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    Thanks so much for the suggestions – it’s really hard to think of ways to support him, as he is quite severely behind the other children. But with support from his assistant, i think he’ll come on well. Thanks again xx

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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