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    I have a three year old, and he has been on
    the formula since he was two days old. His front
    teeth are all rotten, Has anyone else experience
    this, and if so what can be done with his teeth,
    since he needs to stay on the formula.

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    no, not yet. i am alway looking at my daughters though, because that is a concern of mine. are your sons really bad?
    how much formula does he drink every day? does he drink it out of a regular cup? i am sorry to hear that. like i said, it is concern of mine too and i check hers at least once a week to see how they are doing.

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    He drinks out of a bottle, and a cup, he
    perfers the bottle. Some parents have said
    that it is the smell of the formula that they
    don’t like so to get them to drink it they keep
    giving them the bottle.

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    that is exactly what my 3 year old does!!!! she will not drink it out of anything except the bottle! she gags when we have tried giving it to her out of a cup. i hope she grows out of it soon.

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    My daughter, Emily, who is now 5 1/2 went through this. Shortly after she turned two she went through a procedure
    to restore them until they fell out naturally. Her dentist was able to leave her actual teeth in her mouth but filed away the rotten areas and created stainless steel teeth with an enamel front.

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    I don’t think I ever had that problem with my teeth (but then again what do I know because was was a kid at the time ) But as for the drinking it out of a bottle I agree. The smell does effect weither you like the formula or not, I drank it out of a sippy cup until I was about 6 or 7, I probably should have but if it got me to drink it them who cares. I drank it from a sippy cup mainly because I absolutely hated the smell of Phenex and the cup held in the smell alittle better.


    The formula I assume you’re referring to the maximum? Express Cooler I’ve just got on to. Is it just babies teeth that are rotting? Have you spoken to your dietician? I hope my teeth don’t rot!


    The formula I assume you’re referring to the maximum? Express Cooler I’ve just got on to. Is it just babies teeth that are rotting? Have you spoken to your dietician? I hope my teeth don’t rot! If so I’m stopping it.


    I’ve just been thinking. I’ve been to the dentist many times whilst drinking the formula and they said I had perfect teeth. Are you putting something in it like Ribena or something very strong to hide the taste? That could rot the teeth.

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    HI my children have PKU and my daughter of 20 months has been drinking the formula sine she was 12 months old. The doctor from the IWK in Halifax told me to brush her teeth as soon as she’s done because the formula causes tooth decay. Maybe you brush his teeth I don’t know but thats what they told me to do just passingit on I don’t mean for you to think I don’t think you brush your childs teeth cause you probably do I’m soory if that sounded like that

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    What about flouride? (I probably spelled that wront) As soon as our son got some teeth our doctor had us give him a little squirt of flouride every night. Of course I ok’d it with our son’s PKU dietian first.


    thats really scary i have a baby with pku and now ur scaring me. how come our docters dont tell us this ??? thats weird. heather

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    It isn’t really as bad as it sounds. If you just make sure to brush your childs teeth maybe 1-2 times a day (or after they drink their formula) they’ll be fine. I’m 15 and my teeth are fine accept for wearing braces and maybe having 1 or 2 cavaties in all my life (but that really has nothing to do with PKU). Plus if I had to choose between just brushing a childs teeth alittle more then over weither or not to give your child their formula I would defintally give them the formula because when you don’t it can cause so many more problems then just your teeth (which in reality won’t be that bad as long as you brush your childs teeth) nBreanna


    i just dont know why docters would not tell us this????

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    I don’t think they tell you that because usually it isn’t a problem in most kids. I know for me and my sister it was never a problem and my mom never followed us around with toothbrushes , I guess they just don’t tell you that because it’s really not as serious as it sounds. nBreanna

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