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    My husband has been off of his formula and his diet for about 10 years. He says the doctor’s told him that he was ok and that he didn’t have to take his formula anymore. Well after reading another topic here I saw a women with her husband expirencing the same problems that my husband expirences. So I have convinced him to go back on his diet and the formula. But after research, I found out that the formula is very expensive. If anyone can help me out and tell me of any web sites to get the formula at a discounted price, I would be very very grateful. Thanks to everyone!

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    Is your husband seeing a dietitian or doctor? If yes maybe you might want to check with them to just be sure that his formula can’t be covered by insurance because sometimes it will be. Just alittle input.
    But yes, he should have been on both his diet and formula. nBreanna

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    Also Tiffany,
    In response to Bre( she is very smart ) nDepending on the type of formula you can cal the maker IE: Ross Lab and they will send out free samples.
    I did that with BIOMARIN for Kuvan. nThey gave me a 45 day supply. nPlus your dietition would also be able to get you free samples or cases of there new product that you have not tried yet. nTry to use all your resources. nPlus it also depends on what state you live in. nThey might cover at least a little.
    I konw the last state i lived in covered nothing i paid 302.00 a month for phenex 11.
    Keep researching.Don’t give up.
    Take care, nTracie

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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