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    Hello People,


    Been a late dignosed pku suffer [classic] it have a profound impact in my life. I get ill if I eat too much meat. Tonight my ma and I chowed down a seafood platter for two. lovely meal but now I am paying the price dearly.


    Net result: A splitting headache and freqent toliet trips and sore kidneys, I have downed  more 6 bottles of water [350mls] to dilutie the ill effects. Taken pandol to ease the headache, head hurts like there's a ring around and tighten causing pressure and pain.


    I am sure there's few of you pku suffers out there who get these effects or worse, I feel sick inside out……upset tummy too. The scar tissue in brain doesn't help matters. Just lost some my dinner, what a waste! [not happy, as I hate wasting food!]


    As I have always taught by my parents to respect food, as my pa had poor childhood. Never knew when their next meal will. So when he did eat, he and his two sister would chow down good.So what I doing…

    Sitting here feeling sick and miserable. It stinks, what can I say?


    What I am think about in true terms would be unprintable!!!!! So  keeping it decent I will say let this be life long hazad that I will have live with! I'd like to here other people's experinces of this problem, as I am sure there are people out who experince this or worse!Some advice in how cope would a great help!


    A rather  sick Snuffles 


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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