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    Hi – my daughter is almost 3 and a half and we have just been for a clinic visit where she was measured for height and weight.  She has fallen down a percentile for height and is now only on the 5th percentile. She is remaining on the 25th centile for weight and head circumference.  I am a bit worried, although our consultant has advised us to wait and see and that it could just be an inaccurate measurement as it is hard to measure children at this age when they wriggle around!  I just wondered if anyone else had had this experience of their children not growing quite as quickly as they would have expected?  I am short – 5 foot 2 and my husband is average – 5 foot 9.  When I look at photos of myself at my daughter's age I was also inches below my peers so I am hoping it is just something that runs in the family.  I caught up to some extent when I was about 12.  However, I have read that the PKU diet can mean PKU patients sometimes lack certain nutrients or can't process / utilise protein as effectively, which can lead to problems with growth. The studies in this area seem to be a little patchy though.   Has anyone else experienced this?  Should I ask for my duaghter's  vitamin and nutrient levels to be monitored?

    Thanks so much. 


    I have not heard of growth or development problems as long as the child is following the diet.  As a matter of fact, when I was younger my nutritionist had me meet with all the new PKU parents to put their fears to rest as far as whether their baby can be physically and intellectually normal or not.  They were often scared that their child would be less intelligent and sickly.  But as far as I know, as long as the child is on the diet, then any growth issues are based on other causes.

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    As long as your daughter is taking her formula she should be receiving all the nutrients she needs, and her growth shouldn't be affect. I have always been on the smaller side, but my two sisters who have PKU are average size for their age. Since you said neither you or your husband are tall people I am guess it is probably just a family trait.

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     Yep I have PKU & I'm taller than my mum & all my siblings (none of which have PKU) & a little shorter than my Dad! I am only 5foot 3 I have always been a little shorter than average, but I think it's more to do with my Mum & Dad being short than my PKU!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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