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    Jacob is turning 8 months. The pureed veggies and fruit aren't filling him like they used to. Our dietian has suggested started transitioning him to more foods. She suggested some foods, some make sense to me, others not so much. :) I am wondering if I could get some idea's from other parents who are or have transitioned thier children through this period, without the convience of stage 2-3 foods!

    Most stage 2-3 baby foods, are thicker, and introduce things like meat, pasta and eggs. Obviously not an option for Jacob. He is currently allowed 6.5 grams of protein in addition to his formula. (For now, this has changed a couple times, and sometimes comes as a surprise)

    I used to make all the baby food for my girls (non-PKU) however, it seemed less scary, as they had no restrictions. We have stuck with jarred as it is is less guessing' measuring, and weighing. That time is coming to an end .. I am excited, but concerned too. I have found tons of recepies I want to try on the cook for love website, but not many seem baby friendly even chopping them up. Maybe I am wrong. They tend to have many ingredients, and I am worried about allergies, not that anything has affected him yet.

    We are getting low pro pasta (little o's) I suppose I can do many things with them, but I am kind of hitting a road block for ideas. She also suggested bread and egg subsititute (With the idea of french toast) I would think he may still be too young, but willing to give it a try. (He LOVES food) She ordered baby cereal, not scary there, he is on some already, only now it will be free not having to be counted in his allowable protein. She ordered muffin mix… I really think he is young for this, am I wrong? Fruit are free for him, we do count veggies towards his protein intake.

    I enjoy cooking. I measure food by weight over measurements typically. I just feel safer that way. I am ready to stock the freezer, so we have a steady supply!! But I feel clueless :(

    Any ideas would be very welcome!! Thanks very much!

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    when my little son was about 8 month , I most use from the food like almond porridge ( make from 2 gram almond and alittle rice flour ) and starch . because the appearance of them was like icecream , Arshia loved them and ate them very intensively .

    In Iran we used to make rice and khoresht that is make with meat for lunch or dinner . I make rice and khoresht for Arshia also , but I  dont use meat for him . it has very variety . and make from all vegetables like gourd , mushroom , onion and . . .

    if you like , I can explain some recipes for you .

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    sure medina, that would be great! thanks! you can either post them here for all to enjoy, or send me a message if you prefer :) It will be nice to add various cultures dishes to our table as well!!

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    In my pre-Molly life (hard to believe there ever was one), I was a speech pathologist in Early Intervention with a specialty in feeding. Doing the natural transition from pureed baby food to table food is normally a gradual process, but I too found myself confused when Molly was at that stage because the Stage 2 & 3 foods were too high in protein for her.  We gradually started adding foods to her Stage 1 foods until it was lumpy and thick and then transitioned to rough mashed veggeis and little pieces of foods she could eat on he own.  To make the Stage 1 foods thicker, we added a little brown rice to her veggies. We also cooked some veggies and rough mashed them and added them to her pureed food.  The Aproten ditalini was a nice sized low protein pasta that she could attempt to feed herself. Small diced fruit and steamed apples & veggies were some of her favorites. It was a good way for her to practice feeding herself. Gerber and other companies now make these little puffs that dissolve easily in the mouth and many are low in protein. As she got older and more independent, we had food cut more into long thin strips so she could feed herself. We did roasted potatoes cut like french fries, carrots cut the same way, etc. We made low protein pancakes, french toast and waffles all diced small. Then we introduced things like veggie nuggets (–just eliminated the onions and garlic as they are typically too strong in favor for a baby), lp-pizza, lp-grilled cheese, veggie burgers, etc. around 10 months. As for counting the protein, we do things a little differently than you at our clinic — all foods are counted, including fruits and veggies so talk to your nutritionist about how she wants you to handle calculating the phe.

    Best of Luck!


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    iranian foods are so much . I have one site in Iran that it,s adress is

    if you have one friend that dominate on persian language , he will be so helpful

    I dont know about which substances you use. because of the differance of cultures ,unfortunately I didnt be successful to make the food that  exist in cookforlove site.

    I myself choose one dessert and one food for you . if you like , you can test


    Halvaye Kase

    Ingredients :

    rice flour                                 1 cup

    suger                                      2 cup

    water                                      3 cup

    oil                                            optional

    rose water                                a little ( it is a kind of liquid that catch from rose in spring in some cities. it has so good smelling.) if

    you cant prepare , take it easy . it is just for good smelling

    saffron( zafaran in persian)        a little ( it comes from saffron flower and it is used for making food so delicious and colored)

    Recipe :

    1. pour sugar in the water and heat it until boiling.

    2. pour rice flour in the dish and put it on the heat and with one spoon pile it 3-4 minutes.then add oil to it and beat again .

    3. then add sugar-water substance and rose water to it .

    4. take alittle saffron and put in alittle cup and pour alittle boiling water on it and cover the top of cup with another dish and waiting for ten minutes and then add it to substances and put the door for the dish until substance will be hard and then pour it in the bowl and decorate it .

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    Food :


    ingredients :

    potato                             70 gr

    carrot                              20gr

    onion                               20gr

    salt and spice                   optional

    tomato and olive               for decoration

    recipe :

    1. first boil potato and carrot . then combine them with each other .

    2. then shaver onion in substance and then add salt and spice and beat them till combine good.

    3. pour oil in the pan and put it on the heat . when the oil is completely becomes warm, seperate substance little by little and fry them .when they become goldy you fry the other side and put them in one dish and decorate them with tomato and olive.

    I hope you enjoy my food and dessert. I wanted to put also their pics but I coudn,t find any way to do this work.

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    Thanks to you both!!

    I recieved some low pro pasta from Sick Kids Hopsital. I mushed it up, and added it to his veggies. He certainly isn't totally impressed with the chunkies (and they are small!!) Somehow his mouth seems to strain them out! haha. He ends up with a mouth full of noodles, and veggies are gone. We will get there, but I think we will be at this stage for a while!

    I made the muffins we received as well. (before we knew that he wouldnt do wonderful on the pasta). I really think he is too young for this option. Our non pku children loved them! haha. We froze the rest to try again when he is older.

    Thanks again, would still love to hear from other people on their transition foods for when the time comes he is handling the chunkies better :)

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    Hi jakesmom,

    My son, Ace, is 14 months old and has mild PKU.  Fruits and veggies are free for him so we only count starches (potatoes, bread, pasta, corn, peas, etc).  I had a hard time transitioning too…..I admittedly held onto the baby food as long as I could:)  He was eating baby oatmeal mixed with fruit until he was a year (I can't help it…..I was allowed to use his formula to mix the oatmeal and I was afraid to try and find solid foods that were low in protein!)

    We are doing better now but I am afraid I have a little bit of the same issues as you.  Right now he eats toast and eggo mini waffles with magarine and/or blueberry jelly.  He eats a lot of pasta with magarine and/or tomato sauce.  He eats rice but he likes the pasta better.  Brenda is write about the Gerber snacks (they have puffs and crunchies that pretty much melt in your mouth).  He eats all types of fruits (he really likes madarin oranges so that might be something to try because they are pretty mushy.

    I am going to try Brenda's veggie nuggets.  But I am kind of having the problem of not being able to get all of his protein into him.  He is allowed 7grams a day but he basically only wants to eat fruit and those don't count.  The clinic has given me to go ahead to try cow's milk to try to make up for the lack but he is still breastfeeding and won't even come near the stuff:)

    I hope I helped….


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    Thanks Nikki, you provided some great suggestions.

    We have to date, opted for making our own veggies going forward, and are gradually increasing texture. He doesn't seem thrilled about the texture, however, he is loving the variety. Excited to report, that he loves cauliflower and  broccoli — however, not sure if it is texture based, or simply taste/smell, but hasnt been fond of asparagus.. really, who can blame him.. YUCK! haha

    He is struggling with the pastas, I am optomistic it will come soon, however, we have put a hault on them. His mouth is like a strainer I swear!! He takes a bite of veggies and pasta, veggies go down, but he smiles, and all the pasta comes flowing back out at me! haha

    He is liking the pku perspective eggs, however, I still have not mastered scrambling and he gets them as cut up pancakes.

    He was relying on the lo pro foods quite a bit, so his dietian raised his allowance, but adjusting his formula. He is now allowed 8.5 grams of protein. So, we feel like we are back to the drawing board mapping out his meals to ensure he eats enough. I almost can't wait for him to be bigger, so his diet can get a lil steadier! haha. Seems we just figure out what to do, and it changes!!

    Ahh well, I suppose all children throw these wrenches at you!! haha

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     I agree about these diet changes! They drive me crazy- and for the last month we've been all over the board with our numbers so i'm making all new meal plans every week. 

    As far as finger foods i 'm surprised by what she likes- she loves boiled potato chunks and brocooli stems that are lightly steamed. I just go through the pku book and see what is lowish in phe and buy them and try to cook them different ways! It will open up all of our diets i'm sure!

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