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    I was wondering if any of you have advice on taking my 2.5 year old on a cruise.  We're going in November and I'm assuming she'll just eat fruits and veggies the entire time but if any of you have experience with this and know about how to get her some low pro foods on the boat, that would be nice.  Also, I'm wondering how I will keep her formula cold since there aren't fridges in the rooms like in a hotel.  Any thoughts?

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    When we travel we make the formula by the cup, so you dont have to keep it cold you just need cold water to mix it.  As for foods, you would have to contact the cruise line and see if they say it is ok, but when we go camping I make low pro pasta salads and pancakes and keep them in a cooler, of course my kids will eat these things cold.  Other than that you could see if the cruise line would work with you by possible letting you use the kitchen, or at least the microwave.

    Good Luck


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    Kristi.. When I was younger I went on a cruise… I know my parents did not contact the cruise until we were there and they brought out special veggie dishes for me!  I would definitely contact them ahead of time – I have found people to be extremely accomodating over the years.. Have a great cruise!!

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    A cruise ! how lovely! I have not been on one but i know a big emphasis is on food and eating…Why not bring pasta ,bread,even flour and let the cooks do it for you? I am sure they will be very accomadating. when igo to weddings or hotels i let them make up my pasta with a tomatoe sauce and some veggies…you just have to let them know…Over the years i have found going out for meals is getting easier… I will often ask for a plate of tomatoes in the most fancy restaurants! or i pick a few nice things from side dishes and get them to put together on a plate..

                        As a child i got embarrassed when my mother asked for this or that but i sooooo appreciate that she did!!

                        The kitchen will store her meds for you… why do they need to be cold? i keep mine in cupboard at home???

                            have a fantastic time !!


    In 2007 I went on a cruise to Alaska for 7 days. It was great there were always fruits and vegetables. The staff were marvelous.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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