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    Does anyone know of any low phe multi-vitamin? Either for females or just a general multi-vitamin. I looked at the ingredients of my multi-vitamin and was shocked to see the ingredients. I figure if taking a different vitamin can even cut down phe just a tiny bit in my diet then it’s worth it. Thanks.

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    Is there phe in regluar multi-vitamins?  I've never seen protein listed, or artificial sweeteners, so I figured I was in the clear.  Does anybody know?

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    Never heard of PHE in vitamins either — My dietitian has only asked if I take one, but never emphasized which one.  I would sugest asking your clinic.  They would be able to provide you with the answer. 

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    I have only heard of very few vitamins containing artificial sweeteners or other products that may have phe in them. As far as I know even if a vitamin has an artificial sweetener in it the amount is so small that there is usually only 3-5 mg of phe in each vitamin.

    Breanna 18 CPKU

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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