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    I found this neat little game on the web for children with PKU. My little sister (who is 8 and has PKU aswell) played it and seemed to enjoy it. I’m not fully sure what the whole game is about because I didn’t stick around for the whole game.
    Basically it is about an alien named Poe who has PKU and you have to watch him for the day and you go to the grocery store and have to help him pick foods that are okay for PKU kids. So I’ll just leave you with this website incase you want to check it out:

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    Oh my gosh that is so cute! And such a good idea. I wish they had something like that when I was younger. I totally would have played. But then again I probably would have just given the alien McDonalds and made him sick.
    nMeaghan nCPKU and in college

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    wow i have never ever heard of this … do u mind if i post it on my site? and would u mind posting it on the facebook group (bre knows what i mean) im so gonna check it out when i get home..what a great idea!

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    Go ahead and post it Amanda. It’s been like months since I posted this and my little sister still plays this game! It’s pretty neat, obviously easy for me, but it’s a good game for little kids. nBre

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    Hi Bre, nChecked out that sight.
    It’s pretty cool.My daughter loves it.
    Take care, nTracie-PKU

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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