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    what do you eat when you go to the movies or out to eat ? is it embarracing at first ?

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    I love popcorn so I try to have a little popcorn but i seem to have too much of it so I have popcorn every now and again. I try and eat before I go and just have a drink with a few lollies most of the time but if I feel satisfied I won’t have anything.

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    I tend to have sweets. The people I go with will buy the popcorn and i will buy the sweets. I love popcorn too but i am so full up with sweets that i can not fit any popcorn in. nYou can get chocolate on perscription (I think it is called Vitabite or something like that) It is very sweet so one cube of that and you won’t want anything else.

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    I’ve never dated before, boys are icky (lol I’m jk ). But I have never really had the want to date or anything (I’m 15 by the way) but when I go to the movies with friends I load up on candies like skittles and starbursts and stuff like that, I have alittle popcorn to but only alittle. nBreanna

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    hey guys,
    first of all i just want to tell y’all that im only 19…20 in may…and i know that this a 20 and up group…but seriously, this is the only group that knows whats what. no offense to some of the other people or “groups” out there, but they don’t know that much about pku and it’s sad. i hope y’all don’t mind if im in here for a bit, anyways about the dating thing, popcorn…definately! if it’s like a fancy date, some type of potato or salad or even soup. just work around the menu. if ur date is a nice person he or she will understand why you are ordering what u are. this kinda goes with the younger groups not realizing wat is going on, they are embarassed to tell people, or they just don’t want to take the time, but you kno what? it really isn’t that hard. hope that helpd u a bit.

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    This is quite simple. when u go to dinner order some type of potatos or a salad and if they ask just tell them you are a veggetarian, they usually leave it at that but if you want to tell them more its not a big deal i have told lots of people and they are weirded out by it or anything they are more interested in it. nobody has really ever heard of pku. when i go to the movies i usaully just get something to drink the movies to expensive to actually buy things. but this is not that difficult other then i would say that it is easily to get tired of the same old foods which is what my problem is right now. any more ?s

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    when i go out on dates i usually just have a salad or some vegetable soup or something else low. im pretty up front about having pku. its embarrassing. most people are curious about it. especially my boyfriend who wants to be a doctor. he’s always asking me questions.


    The great thing about this post, is that it applies to business lunches which take on a complete different level of pressure. The need to “FIT” can be tough and I find that I can struggle with the diet in front of people who would not understand the diet in a 5 minute monologue. Keeping it simple and sticking to the vegetarian diet approach is the easiest way to explain.
    I used to travel 3 weeks/month for my company and I would stick to salads and potato products as mentioned previously in this post. Most continental breakfasts offered fruit and high sugar cereals which I would dive into.
    Be careful on a date when eating a salad as you can get the leaves in your teeth… Makes for a difficult good-bye @ the front door!
    Honestly, replying to these posts are very good for me and my diet as it helps me to form my thoughts about the diet which is my life. Thank you for reading these post.
    David Harris nAdult Living w/ PKU

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    Sweets, Salads, and fries. Dont be embarrased!!!! Guys love cheap dates !!!! Lol

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    husker girl

    That is true! When my boyfriend and I started dating, he had noticed right away that the food I was getting wasn’t a normal dinner. So, I tried to keep it simple and said my body can’t process a lot of protein, and then went on to explain phenylalanine. Of course he asked questions. I didn’t mind though, it’s a great conversation starter. Most restaurants have vegetables as side dishes, so I take advantage of those, and most of the time I’ll order fries and split the order with him. In my experience, I have not come across a lot of people who think it’s weird, most people are just curious about it. Plus, my boyfriend was happy about how low the bill was.

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    I know right! My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 10 months and I like to split the cost of our dates, because thats just how I am. He’ll pay for dinner and I’ll pay for a movie. The movie is usually more expensive!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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