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    Hi everyone. Im from Beijing, China with a baby girl who has CPKU. Im heading for Cincinnati for a business trip and I hope to get some variaties of low protein food (either regular or fomula) for my baby.  So I want to know if formula foods are available in super makets, like Cosco, or only in online stores, or maybe some other special channels? Many thanks.

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    Grocery stores in the US like Costco or neighborhood stores are not going to sell the low protein food or formula. I get my formula from my doctor, so I don't know where else you could get it.

    However, I get my low protein food from  They have a lot of variety and is probably the best tasting of all low protein foods out there. I'm not sure what kind of food they have for babies though, as most of it is for older children with teeth.  Also, it is pretty expensive, so you might want to contact them about any financing options. I get funding from my state, so it is pretty much free for me, but since you live out of country I do not know what your options are.  Cambrooke does ship from US or Canada, but it doesn't say anything about overseas orders.

    I would just recommend going to the website and contacting a sales representative about your needs. They may also be able to direct you somewhere where you can be helped if they cannot do it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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