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     Has anyone out there changed their who family to a different diet? My husband suggested this last night as an option. We of course wouldn't be able to buy low-pro foods for everyone, but switching to a more vegetarian lifestyle? Our first child is 2 and doesn't have PKU. Our 2nd is 5 months old and has CPKU. If we were to start to switch now would be best as the 2 year old doesn't eat much meat at all and so she wouldn't miss it. 

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    My husband I have thought about doing that….we joke that we would have to get a sitter so we can go to a steakhouse ha. We don't have another small child to think about though.

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    yeah, there is nothing wrong with being vegetarian, it would still be hard since she couldn't have beans with rice to make a complete protein for us 

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    After I was born my parents along with my two older siblings became vegetarians. They were vegetarians until I was nine. If you decide to change your diet this would be your best bet. Eating a low protein diet would not be safe for the non PKU members in your family. The only reason those of us who have PKU can safely eat a low protein diet is because we have our formulas to give us the nutrients that we need.

    If you decide to support your little one by becoming a vegetarian that is great. If not it won't be the end of the world. Eventually your little one will grow up and realize that others eat differently than he/she does. The best thing you can do is teach her that everyone has something, whether it is diabetes, food allergies etc, and PKU is just his/her thing. No two people eat exactly the same.

    ~Breanna 18 CPKU

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    I am a parent of 2 young children both with classic PKU.  What we do at meal time is I make a veggie/fruit based meal; then on the side I will grill a chicken breast or fish/steak  for myself and my husband.  Here is an example of a typical family dinner-

    All of us eat this:

    steamed broccoli
    salad with ranch (ranch dsg made with mayo, and non-dairy creamer)
    small baked potato.  kids would split one with butter and chives, ranch
    kids will drink their special juice with meal

    me and my husband:

    may have different dsg, and have a portion of grilled meat/fish in addition to above

    Kids were taught very early that meat is not healthy for them, but IS healthy for us.  All of us need protein, right?  So I explained to them that mom and dad get their protein from food and they get their protein from their special juice.   Hope this helps.

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    I was a vegetarian before Molly (now 9) was diagnosed.  I remained one because of her diagnosis.  My son and husband both eat meat, but in our house the meat is more of the side dish and the veggies take center-stage.  Molly understands that I must get protein from a different source than her (tofu, beans, etc.) but enjoys that all but one thing on our plates is different (meat for the boys, protein source for me).  We try to provide a match for her for that protein source.  If the boys are having chicken, she is having a veggie finger.  If they are having steak, we are having portabellas.  If they have a hamburger, we have a veggie burger.  The whole family goes vegetarian two nights a week.  It forces me to try new ways to cook veggies and it is healthier for the whole family.  For some recipes, check out the website .

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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