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    On Wednsday me and my little sister had to go in for an appointment with our dietitian, genetic counselor and doctor. Anyway, before my doctor came in we my dietitian (Bridget) and genetic counselor (Heather) started talking about things like college. Well before I could answer my Erica (my sister) told Heather and Bridget I’m going to steal my doctors job, it was cute.
    Well of course they were confused so I explained to them that I want to go to medical school and eventaully work in genetics. So later when doctor came in Bridget told her about what we were talking about and now she wants me to come in a few times this summer and shadow her! I was so excited to here that. She said I could come in and spend the whole day with them to see what goes on with not only younger children and adults but also with children who had other genetic disorders. I just wanted to share this info with you all.
    Oh by the way I got our levels back from Sunday, my blood level was 2.4mg/dl and my tyrosine level was 3.5mg/dl (that was basically double what it was in February). My sisters level was 5.2mg/dl so hers was good to, I’m not sure what her tyrosine level was though. nBreanna

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    Very good. The dr and dietician must have a good impression of you to invite you to do that. Congratulations! Gives you an idea of what the clinic staff do, is probably different than you expect. If you like it, you can probably do some intern like work later. Also, having a mentor is important, especially when it comes to college and post college work. Exposure to other genetic issues would be good too. Keep up the good work. nRandy

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    My doctor emailed yesterday me asking me about this offer ! She must really want me to come in. I know for a fact I’m going to take her up on this offer because it’s best to get as much practice as I can, but I told her I probably can’t do it until summer when school is out.
    She said most the reason she wants me to come in is because alot of appointments with her, my dietitian and genetic counselor aren’t as happy as mine and my sisters are. She just says she wants to help me get ready in the best possible ways because she said there will be queit a bit of unhappy appointments. I can see totally where she is coming from because I’m pretty sure it’s hard when you first find out your child has a genetic disorder (and I’m sure most of you can recall this better then me, since I was a baby when this all happened). But she just wants to get me prepared for some of that stuff. nBreanna

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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