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    My daughter has called me today to tell me that they think my granddaughter who is 2 wks old may have PKU they have done a further blood test today they also said it may be a system error has it has shon up 2 children recently. I am so shocked I knew nothing about PKU will my granddaughte be ok have they caught it in time?

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    absolutely she will be okay! we have 3 girls, and we did not even know we carried the silent gene until our 3rd one was born. she is the one whom has it. your grandaughter will be just fine…just strict diet and make sure she drinks her formula. write again if you have any worries or concerns okay. no need to worry though. just keep her on diet.

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    I agree with glitter. I’m 15 and have classical PKU and I’m perfectly healthy (along with my 7 year old sister who has PKU aswell). I’m able to function just like any of my friends, I do dance, art club and I used to do track and drama. Really the only thing that will be different is that she won’t eat ‘normal’ (techniqually everyone eats different so…). But just a diet of no meat, diary and very few grains…fruits veggies and special low protien foods are okay. But that’s just alittle info I have. nBreanna
    (Actually it’s 10 pm and I have school tommorrow so I have to go)

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    Hi your granddaughter will be fine I have a daughter whom is 20 months old and a six month old son whom have PKU They were the first in our family to have it and now my sister just had a baby girl and she has it. The same type and everything. Your grandaughter will be just fine Shes just a little more special now thats all She will grow up to be wonderful and beautiful. Don’t worry about her shes got the best people looking out for her best interests they will do what they can for her I know they do for me nJanna 23

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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