Cook for Love

Cook for Love evolved out of two stubborn moms’ belief that even given the severe dietary restrictions, people with PKU should not have to settle for less when it comes to the enjoyment of food. When her daughter Molly went to kindergarten, Brenda Winiarski enrolled in culinary school. Together with Rosie Loughran, whose son Liam has PKU, they formed a not-for-profit called Cook for Love, Inc.

The founders recognize and respect that people with PKU lack a liver enzyme, not taste buds. They both struggled in the kitchen when their children were diagnosed with PKU trying to come up with foods that their children could eat and the entire family would enjoy. Their goal is to simply help you avoid some of the frustration they felt.

Through an on-line culinary website, Brenda and Rosie provide step by step instructions to make a meal that you or a loved one will truly enjoy.

Whether you love to cook, or are doing it solely out of love, join them on as they share their recipes and experiences.