2 years later.

2 years later.

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2 years later.

January 6, 2016 in Living with PKU

Its been 2 years! yes this is Pkugirl88 but on a new one because well I forgot my stuff. Lots have happen since then. I work at a daycare just hit my 1 year mark. For a while I was on my diet almost perfect. Then when I moved into my own place man those food just wanted me in my life. ive been off diet for a year now and man its screwing with me. but first a quick catchup. I am khyrsten, I have classic pku. on and off diet all my life. 4 years ago I lost my daughter to not being 100 percent on my diet before getting preggo. other things went on but that's a long story. Ive been with the love of my life Raymond. 5 years now. last time I blogged we broke up. I was out of control. from depression of loosing out daughter and effects of being off diet. 2015 I moved out and got my own place. nothing fancy but its home. I have two furry babies deede and dexter. they are 16 ive had them since I was 10. Now I have gone off diet. I hate my formula, and I love all food, but my health is at risk. I suffer from sever chronic migraines, PTSD and chronic depression. I have had MRI of my head and it has shown damage to the brain from being off diet. My memory SUCKS and Im moody. Oh yeah and I sleep ALOT. I am getting back on here. Ive had my fun with food. I am bored with a "normal" food. I am tired of hurting and sleeping all day. So 2016 is the year I am attempting to fix my diet and my health. Weight loss being one of it. and to be honest I want to have a baby with in the next year or 2. ill have ups and downs. but failure is not an option in this. as of now I am 170 lbs my goal is 140. every week I will be telling you guys how im doing. join me? also I love helping people with diet stuff. if youre trying to do the same add me! we can do this together!!!

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    Hold on, Khyrsten. My brother and i have struggled like :pku & now he also has parkinsons disease.
    I also had PTSD & anxiety attacks & severe depressions, etc.. and lots of physical problems too & no successful diet mgmts despite numerous olympic-sized attempts (forgive the hyperbole).
    I am now in the clinical trial study for pegpal & it is FANtabulous & almost fda approved. I think it may soon be covered ny insurance so it can be prescribed to us all. So-hold on.. and I will pray for you..

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