32 and getting it all lined up... Finally

32 and getting it all lined up… Finally

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32 and getting it all lined up… Finally

July 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

I just turned 32 on the 25th of last month! 32! I was well controlled by my mom until age 12 but then I was allowed to take over and when I wasnt around the fam I didnt follow the diet at all. Soo. At 32 I am just now experiencing some effects of the poor decisions I made in Jr. and High school. I write in hopes that teens might read this and be wiser. My levels were high and even when controlled by my parents they were never under 13 and usually in the high teens. I was ok then I thought. I didnt notice the irritablility that my family did. Or maybe I was just in denial. but I felt ok. I knew I was more tired than most people but it didnt bother me. UNtil recently. I am a single mom of two. A 10 and a 9 year old. Because I had the levels I had in the past and really through my adult life, struggled with the acceptance of PKU, Im exhausted, My short term memory is almost non exhistant, and when I get out of bed it feels like within myself I am trying to lift a dead body. I could lay in bed and not get up... ever. I lost a very good job at the hospital 4 months ago because of the memory loss and have become severly depressed. I cant run and play with my kids and my weight is out of control. I dont even have a desire to go get the groceries that I need. Over the last four months I have come to several revelations about myself my faith and why I absolutely need to folllow the diet. This is some of them. First, If you have no faith I dont understand how you can live. God, our creator, made our bodies perfectly function on this diet if followed. He gave the Doctors the intelligence to diagnos us and be able to treat this in order to live a healthy life. If in fact our bodies house the Lord who lives within our hearts, than this fact makes our bodies true temples. If our bodies are temples, than anything we do to distroy our bodies wheather it be alcohol in excess, grease in excess, laziness, or not following the prescribed diet is defined as desicration. Desicration of a temple is SIN. In turn if we choose to destroy the thing God gave us the wisdom to treat and deal with, then we, in fact, persue SIN. This appiphany changed my whole life and my thoughts about how much I hate the formula. Now instead of thinking how much I hate to drink the formula I wake in the morning with a thought of Its gas for the car the God blessed me with to accomplish the will He has for my life. And every time I am tempted to eat something I shouldnt, which is always there because my 2 kids dont have PKU, there is a whisper in my ear of "thats sin, Nickelle." Maybe this wont effect you the same way but I hope it would shine light in another direction on the reasons we should follow our diets. I do not wish ill effects on anyone that has a chance to control their diet by good choices, and when you think about it thats all it is. A good choice. Now I am out of work, trying to get on disability, which takes months and months to attain, and going to my counselor to combat the depression and PTSD from recent events... The last few weeks have been the brightest in 2 years. My outlook is changed and I am on my way to what God has instore for me my health and my kids!

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    Ben said on July 7, 2012

    I am also 32 and have classical PKU. It sounds like living the PKU lifestyle has created some difficulty for you as it is always a challenge for everyone that manages their own diet. I like you strayed from the recommended diet for several years, but after I got married and had children I realized it was not fair to them for me to continue down the path of unhealthy eating. I like you had been essentially off diet, and gained weight and was lethargic. Finally, after a relative pointed out my obvious weight gain, I decided enough was enough. I visited my clinic, got some formula, and made a point to get into shape for not only myself but for my family. I did not want to be a Dad that wasn’t involved with his kids, or who was too lazy to help around the house. The hardest part in the beginning was having the will power to not regress into my old habits. It took some work, and after I shared more with my wife about PKU and how she could help, it certainly made it easier to have the extra support. Now, I have dropped 25 pounds, into my ideal body weight range, and have incredibly more energy then I ever had before. I have so much drive that I work full-time, have time for my kids and operate my own online business. You can do it, and from the sounds of your post, you are coming to realize the importance of staying on track with the PKU lifestyle. I believe for adults living with PKU, the hardest part of managing their PKU is having the support needed to be successful. I hope you find that support either through a friend or through this PKU community website. It can be done, and remember when you feel like going back to the old way of things, remember you are not doing this just for yourself, you are also doing it for your children.

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    Thanks for the encouragement! It helps! Slowly but surely I am getting to be the healthier me. And another plus! My weight is going down just by drinking my formula. I exercise but that usually never effected my weight, good or bad! Now because I am drinking A LOT of formula its like the weight is melting. Slowly but melting. Its a good feeling to know I do have control over this and that although at times hard as ever, I can be the one controlling what choices I make and not my need to be “normal”. More to come!

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    One question… How are you handling the fact that your kids are not PKU ( Im assuming) and have the need to eat protein packed meals? Is it hard for you still to watch and smell the food while it is cooking? Or does it not bother you that much? My son the 10 year old wants to go vegetarian to help me, which might be a support for me, however, this means I need to find ways of introducing the proteins he needs so I am speaking with my nutritionist about it. Are your kids PKU?

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    i am glad you have turned your life around. the diet is very important and i had the same side effects myself .my family kept pointing these out to me and i couldnt see that my thinking was so muddled and i did feel tired allot and slept and argued. i have been on the diet about 10 years again . i know its not easy. all the best

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