4 months since heartbreak.. how am i?

4 months since heartbreak.. how am i?

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4 months since heartbreak.. how am i?

September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

well like it says 4 months since i had my worse heart break ever! nothing has gon right since that day! I lost my dad No he didnt die he just wants nothing to do with me. All over money and the man im with. After i lost the baby my dad said that he wanted me ti leave Ray for another guy that would fit my dads aproval list. But how could i leav someone ive been threw so much with allready?? I cant just up and leave him. so we dont talk. im not aloud in his house or to see my mom or brother unless they come to me. I had to deal with a Phyco mom not mine but Rays mom idk if i wrote about it but she is bat shit crazy! anyways Ray and i had to live with his grandparents cause his mom tried to sell my stuff... It was ok Ray makin very very little money... and after the baby i went off my diet and i ate nasty pizza and just hatting being dirt poor... we couldnt do anything just sitaround and watch tv.... i had bills that i needed to pay but couldnt cause we seriously had no money... Well Ray is now at a new job makes more then my mom and soon will make more then my dad! we live in vernal, moving into our apparment any day now and getting to do what ever. i still have big depression but i will for a while. Its getting better everyday. my first place with someone who really loves me and takes care of me.

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    I am so pleased to hear you are doing better darling! A fresh start in a new flat with a new future is just what you need. You need your man, you two have been through more in the past few months than many people will have 2 go through in a lifetime. I know you will never forget, and you shouldnt, but you will heal and have a special place in your heart for your first little angel. I am just so so sorry! I wish I could come and give you a great big hug. I will be thinking of you x x x

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    aww thanks that made me tear up a bit :)

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