7 months layter??? Im back haha

7 months layter??? Im back haha

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7 months layter??? Im back haha

January 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

WOOOOW! I havent bee on here in a looong time :P the past few months have been full of lots of good and bad things!!! more good then bad, My last blog i wrote about trying to get back on my diet, We sadly Its been a big fat FAIL! We have been so BROKE that I've been drinking less milk to make it last. Our rent money is more then renting a house. Food here is insanly expecive, and this town is full of the laziest people in the planet, Raymond (boyfriend) has chemicals in his lung. Oh he works with deadly chemicals that cause cancer and is given almost ZERO safty gear! SO the summer time was a battel to get him stuff he needs to feel safe. we has Osha come visit his company and other people. finaly after 3 months of fighting with the idiots he is safe. Every month we goto our home town layton and see our familyand friends. I try realy hard to stay somewhat good on my diet but when there is so little money and your choices are mac and cheese or being hungry well im gonna choose the food. Ive been off my diet for to long i get descusted with meat the smell of it makes me gag. I now crave my veggie diet. A good salad is now a treat for me. I stopped getting treats like popcorn or beef jurky and i now eat my new addiction Sprees! The most amazing protein free candy in the world! On our 1 year anv of lossing our sweet baby Raymond took me to a lunch at Golden Coral. A pku persons paridice! I had 5 plates of veggies, salad and yes i dipped my cotten candy in the chocolate foutain. We went and let two baloons go a Pink and lime green one. The pain to this day is still the wost pain i have or ever will feel. I miss her everyday. But she gives me hope that i can have a healthy baby in the future. Summer was hot and boring no AC in our apartment. BUT we added 2 new members to our little family. Beavus and Butthead. our two loud kitties. Butthead is a mommas boy, he likes to be heald like a baby and sleep in my arms. Beavus loves his daddy. he likes to bite fingers and attack his cookie monster toy. There very loud kitties. they talk back and wake us up when they are borerd. But we love them. around september Raymonds friend Jorge came and lived with us. It was fun for about 3 week. but after that i ws hoping he would leave. He used us and got us in a lot of trouble. Ray and him are no longer friends... they still talk but because of what he did to us we no longer trust him. Ive been dealing with a lot of death latly my grandma passed away along with my nanna. all with in a month... Ray and i did a lot of fighting cause of his friend stressing us out,bills, and where we live. but whats crazy the start of this new year its been 1 month and amazing things have happend. Raymond is on a semi pro football team, we get to travel a lot this year, I get to meet Raymonds family FINALY! We got a raise and more hours in his job, Im talking more about marrage with him and starting a family Oh and the best news of this year. I got a new PKU doctor!! Im excited to start going back to someone who wont judge me on my past!!! Im keeping my fingers crossed that this year will be a good on. ive had 2 years of tears and heart break. The only tears i want this year is from laughter and happiness :)

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    Provo, Utah

    I love sprees! I hope this year is better for you.

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    , Utah

    thanks!! Hey i have a random question for you lol where do you go to see a pku doctor??

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    fillmore, New York

    stay positive it will be a good year. congrats on all the happiness thus far.

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    Taylor, Michigan

    move to Michigan your formula is free . I just thought that you should know that

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