a cure for pku??? i think YES!!

a cure for pku??? i think YES!!

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a cure for pku??? i think YES!!

December 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

What is writen has to be true!!! but seams impossibal right??? I went on to my facebook and saw my pku friends blowing up over an artical saying They have succsesfuly cured mice with the pku gene! I read more into it and its true!!! The treatment is gene therapy.you get 3 shots and it fixes your dna or something. But your skin pigment and hair color darken. and you eat normal foods and live a normal life. If you wanna read it look it up there is a 2011 artical that is just awesome!! Idk when there going to bring it out to the public. but im keeping my eyes oopen. cause if this comes out soon. It will be a dream come true!!! :D

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    Plainfield, Illinois

    Wait the article was published 6 years ago so why wouldn’t they have brought it to the public by now?

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    , Utah

    there is another one from this year :)

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    Plainfield, Illinois

    do u have a link to it

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    I would be cautious about this. They may have had a successful test in mice, but these kinds of things take a long time to develop. It’s a good sign, but I wouldn’t expect for it to be available to humans for awhile. Not wanting to be pessimistic or anything, but I just think it’s wise to be cautious here.

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    There is an up to date article, I have read it through, the gene therapy, although it can successlfully work, it can only do so for a certain amount time. The article states that as part of the testing the scientists cut out part of a mouse’s liver, which is where the new DNA is inserted into (the liver can regrow through cell division for those who don’t know), and as it grew back the new dna didn’t replicate the genetics that the shots had created within the liver DNA, also with low doses of the DNA the mice’s bloodlevels started to increase over 6-8months, which also indicates that the new DNA is not being replicated.
    Basically the fix is temporary, and as the dna is put in via a virus the body developes an immunity to that particular virus and therefore the shots can’t be administered again as our bodies will fight it off. Basically, although there has been alot of development and scientists believe that this possibly could be an avenue for a permanent cure, it isn’t there just yet, they are looking into otherways to insert the DNA. Things are hopeful though
    If anyone wishes to view the article this is it here: http://espku.org/images/stories/Articles_PKU/Gene_Therapy_story_PKUNews_W2011_vs2.pdf

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