A day in the life of me....

A day in the life of me….

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A day in the life of me….


November 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Good Morning All,This is my first blog and I am pretty excited to get it out there, as I adore writing.Alright so, yesterday was my first day of following my diet and eating the foods and things that I am allowed. I couldnt beleive how amazing I felt. I want to be better at following my diet for so many different reasons:a) I am sick of being tired ALL THE TIME!b) I want to go to college for Social Workc) I want to be able to get pregnant and not have to have such a culture shock when I suddenly need to follow my diet not only for my health, but for the health, development and well being of my unborn child.d) I dont want to have any more mood swingsMy biggest challenge with following my diet is that I have the most diffilculties with drinking my formula. It tastes rancid. Although they have come up with new developments lately and I really need to give it my 110% and just get back into the habit of even drinking it! I just hate taking it anywhere public with me - as I hate to be different.I am so happy that I was able to find a website where I can find kids/teens/adults like myself who actually know what it is that I go through everyday. My mom and dietician and fiance try their best, but they just dont know what it is like. I cannot wait to help others with PKU like me, to help with their struggles, listen to their stories and eventually make long lasting friendships.Well Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog post for the day and I look forward to reading your comments, if there are any....And just so everyone knows, I am seriously into making friends and having some type of online support for each other, even though we are not physically together I know that we as a team through the internet can encourage and guide each other to get on the right track.Well I am off to work now. Take care everyone!Have a great day! And remember - "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself!" - George Bernard Shaw Cheers :) <3 Sincerely,                     -Me 

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    Reardan, Washington

    Hi, my name is Carly. I am 24 and I have PKU. I recently got married and am trying to get my levels down so we can start a family! I have a hard time drinking all of my formula in a day. I hear what you are saying it is hard! Even though our families think they know what it is like, they don’t. They don’t understand the sometimes uncontrollable mood swings that you wish you didn’t have. It’s nice to have an online place where you can go and talk to people who know what your going through! Anytime you need our want to talk I’m on here everyday! Take care, be positive, I know you can do it! We all can do it, we just ned support and encouragement! :)

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    hesperiaNo Location

    Hey , My name is Andrea and im 15 Teen . Ive had pku my hole life . I totally understand what you mean . iI hate that i have to take my formula but i take mine in the moring and afternoon then at night . i love meeting new people that understand me and what i have . i love that you really want to go back on your diet . well i well tell you this you always want to stick to your diet because it is a wonderful gift that we have . that makes us very indepent and defferent . like me i stugger each cuz of pku but i get through it . we all do and so well you . well if you want any more advise please message me or read some of my blogs . i well be happy to have helped . your blog realy inspires me to try had each day .

    ANDREA <333

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