a not so good baby update :/

a not so good baby update :/

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a not so good baby update :/

May 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

So two weeks ago I got tested for Fragile X everything turned out great. This week I was thinking that I would have a nice visit, maybe get to see what the baby is... Nope this check up was horribal... I wake up early and get ready. The night before Ray was working till 3 am He decided to fall asleep at 8 am... He ended up not going. My mom and brother are waiting for me in the car while i get all the little things for this appt... When I get there I get called To see the doctor and not to go into the ultrasound first i got the feeling that damn no ultrasound today... I go into the room and The one person who I really dont want to see walks in. Its my diet-tishion... She and I dont get along, and I swear her mission is to make me cry or really really mad when ever i see her. Anyways I think i menchend that my last blood level was an 11. She brings that up and I knew she would... But she tells me something that I really should of been told when I went into my first pku dr visit. She expained to me that even though my level is an 11 that dubbles it for the baby. So really its an 22... No one told me anything like that!!! So After she talk about that she said that there is going to be somthing wrong with this baby.When she left i broke down and just was wishing someone would have told me that so I would have more info on it.. but no... After she came in my normal baby doctor came in and but the wand down to listin to the heart beat. I heard it for 3 secs, then the baby moved to the other side. the Doctor played chase with it for 8 mins... The heart beat had a strong beat, i saw my brother dancing to it like it was tecno! lol it was great. In 3 weeks i go in and see the baby we are looking at the heart, brain, and face for cleft lip... also to know what the *** is. I hope it goes better then today did.

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    Hiya hun! I am sorry to hear you have been having bad news! Your dietician sounds absolutely horrendous! I know I am in the UK, I am not sure where you are, but for your dietician to say that your baby’s level is doubled sounds ridiculous to me!

    In England, we have a “safe” range that the level should be in! 100-300umol/L If my calculation is correct then the US level should be between 1.5 & 5! Being 11, this is dangerous yes but not if you can get your level back down again fast! I went up to about 600/700 umol/L for about a week or so, which is the equivalent, and all growth scans have shown she is ok! I did get my levels back down very quickly admittedly, and she still isn’t here yet so it is not COMPLETELY definite that she is healthy! But all signs point to her being ok!

    Also even if your levels ARE dangerous, your baby might not have PKU and I don’t know how they can possibly know that something WILL be wrong! I know I am no dietician, but it just sounds like they are being extremely insensitive to me! I am sorry you are going through such a scary time, but I will be looking out for an update about your ultrasound! x x x x

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    good luck

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