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September 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yep, I have encountered a small squall on the ocean voyage of life. My blood test on Tuesday returned a Phe level of 18.1. I have not cheated. I took another test today; hopefully the results will be in tomorrow. My first test came back as 14.7; my second was 14.1; third was a bit above 11, as was the fourth one. I am not dismayed. I do wonder if stress plays a role in this. I need to ask some more questions. My stress level has been increased lately (more concerning my job schedule, preaching, leading chapel at my girls' school, trying to practice guitar, trying to be a decent dad, trying to be a less-than-disappointing husband... etc.). Ah well. I hope it was just an odd occurance. How common are spikes like this?

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    Cornwall, New York

    I have had tremendous stress this past year with many different things.. My levels were ALL over the place… they were from 2.0 as high as 8.3. I did not change my protein intake at all or miss any formula… Stress can absolutely effect your levels! Hang in there bud.

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    Cornwall, New York

    Funny as I am reading this… I am about to prick my finger

  3. Registered: May 27, 2009

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    , Florida

    I am too much of a wimp to prick my finger. I go get blood drawn at the lab. I know that sounds odd, but I am odd. I hate finger sticks.

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    Franklin, Wisconsin

    Stress, illness, increased activity…all of this can play a role in phe levels. You sound like your doing great despite the high phe level. It happens. Keep trying and see what the next level comes back as. As for blood tests I am right there with you, although for me it doesn’t matter whether it’s my finger, arm, head, or nose being poked LOL. I just don’t like needles.

    Katie I hope your phe level comes back good :).

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    Macomb, Michigan

    Try relieving that stress with some exercise… I have been managing to keep my levels between 2 and under 4. I go to school full time, work full time, and exercise every day stress doesn’t stand a chance. I am usually up at 7am and leave shortly after and do not get home until 9-930 and I stay up doing homework till 11-1130, only to be up to do it all over again. Your levels aren’t bad… before I started my work out program and monitoring my diet I was between 14 and 22.

    I suggest giving it a try, but do not start a program until after you consult your dietician.

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