A year later???

A year later???

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A year later???

December 26, 2016 in Living with PKU

2016 is almost over and it's Christmas!!! Merry Christmas! Update on life n such! I'm still at my daycare working as a teacher. They kinda put me all over in the age groups. But the past two months I have had issues with a co worker. Which is not normal because I get along with everyone! So by February I will be quitting my job and working on myself for the next year or so. Raymond my still boyfriend of 6 years now got into a great job opportunity and our lives are getting better. 2017 I want to be on my diet. I no longer have insurance so I'm not on diet and I'm not drinking formula. Even if I had insurance I still couldn't have formula due to our apartment being a crap place and fridge not working :/ so much I wanna change in 2017 like moving, my diet, control my ptsd, anxiety, and depression. Also a new thing anger issues. I have them bad! New in my life my brother is doing his 2end year in the army and I've been spending time with him. We got a kitten named bubbles who is a terror plus my two cats that will be 17 next month! Also I have gained weight. Like the most weight ever in my life. And that depressing. So I'm hopping along with my goals I will get to a healthier weight. Just having a hard time because food is life... I'll try to keep up with this. All I really do anymore is work eat and sleep. So maybe I'll have more time!

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    Hi there Khyrsten, My name is Keira. I have classical PKU. I totally understand your struggles with staying on diet and keeping up with formula. I am not sure in what state you live. However most states have it mandated that insurance companies have to pay for your formula in full because it is a necessity for life. I know here in Texas, it is mandated. You can also request powder form so it doesn’t have to be stored in the refrigerator.I am not sure about specialty foods, but you can always contact your insurance and ask. If you don’t have any you can also talk with your nutritionist about applying for NSB. Newborn Screening Benefits. No matter how old you are you can apply and if approved they will give you a monthly allowance for specialty foods to help keep you on diet. Let me know if that helps.
    I also understand about anxiety and depression. I am on depression meds right now that have started to help a little. But I know my emotional problems stem from my levels being to high. The lower they are, the easier it is to deal with everyday battles. People, situations, and food. Food pretty much runs my life. I can tell if it’s going to be a good day just after breakfast. Luckily my formula helps alot. If I wake up at night hungry, I make a glass of formula and I get full quickly and ready for bed. Well I better end this.Let me know how everything turns out, I would really like to know. Be Blessed

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