Alone with Pku

Alone with Pku

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Alone with Pku


August 22, 2015 in Living with PKU

I live in a town were, if I say, I have pku. I get looked at like I have 4 heads. Huh What's pku is what I always hear. I tell them basic info on it. But it can be frusterating repeating myself so often. I feel like telling them to google it. But I would rather be polite, and once again explain it. The reason for my frusteration in this, is because I've been explaining myself since childhood. It feels like I'm the only person in Kitchener Ontario with pku. And I'm on disability. I wish I had a good friend with pku and in the same situation so I had someone who I can relate with. It just feels lonely. Sometimes I wish I could get up and move.

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    Ive had that same issue growing up.

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