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December 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

My boyfriend found this website for me as even tho i have been on the diet since i was born i sometimes go off the diet i also take the tablets i take 70 plexy-10 tablets and also adcal and forcevial every day i have 15 exchanages and sometimes i fnd it every difficult as i have no one to talk to as my uncle was digonised in 1950's and is now brain damage i would really like it if people would become friends with me and help share there exprineces with me thank you

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    Cornwall, New York

    Hi Becky! Welcome to the site. I think you will find it useful and a place for support. My name is Katie. I am 26 and have Pku too. I’ve been on diet but formula is my biggest challenge. I used to take 120 Phlexy10 pills a day but changed to Camino pro drinks a few years ago. I look forward to speaking with you more on here.

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    Hi Becky..

    My names Nicole am 28 and i have PKU x I have been on and off my diet for years now, i struggle quite alot the formula is the easier part for me, i also used to take 120 phlexy10 pills but am now on PKU COOLER20 which is 3 drinks :-) I hope to hear from you soon and we can talk about our experiences x

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