Angie what's for dinner???

Angie what's for dinner???

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Angie what's for dinner???

March 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Since last I wrote I have been super, crazy busy between family, church, The National PKU Food Bank Family Fun Weekend planning, and because I didn’t have enough on my plate I added the planning and hosting of 2 Benefit Night events here locally in Kansas at bd’s Mongolian BBQ to benefit the NPFB. The latter brought me to my current blog topic “what’s for dinner?” This subject and idea was actually posed months ago by my friend, Sarah, when she said I would like to know where you eat when you go out. Simple answer: ANYWHERE, or at last I try to adapt my diet to go any and everywhere I can with my friends. Sometimes, it just requires eating off the side dish menu, appetizer menu, or, in some cases, the kids menu. The complicated answer: we go to the same places (become regulars) or small, non-chain type establishments. Don’t get me wrong some chains are GREAT about adaption of their menu, some however, are not. There are chains like bd’s that “specialize” in being able to feed any patron…but the cost is a lil’ more than we can spend for a regular weekend dinner. It’s nice for a treat. Applebee’s, yes, it is in fact our local neighborhood grill slightly to the south and slightly to the west. My “weekend crew” and I typically grace 2 of our local Applebee’s and the wait staff has gotten know me & my eating habits I don’t eat meat or high protein. Now, my nephew that is autistic LOVES Red Robin, he’s got a thing about mascots, we have found to be awesome as well, you can actually go to their website and adapt almost any meal they have; make changes and substitutes and they have a nutrition calculator so you can reduce the protein print it and take it in for them to make & THEY WILL no questions asked, of course we go there so much the staff there know me too & my nephew, lol. Now, obliviously there are the buffets: HomeTown, Ryan’s, and Golden Corral, everyone the crew can find what they like or need at those. Mom and Pop diners around here are great, I don’t think I’ve been told “no” to a menu change. Now, again, that’s around here, we’ve been on the road and had problems with these types of places, but not often. These places are awesome because not only do you get a taste of local flavor but they tend to be very family orientated. Almost every Friday or Saturday my BFF and sometimes my family go a little place call Pegus and get brunch, they know us there and know there are some things I just can’t eat. Being of Mexican decent my husband and I crave and seek out Mexican (“hole-in-the-wall” joints are the best) we have one here Amigos, we frequent often. Now, I know you’re thinking wait, hold on a minute how to you eat Mexican without cheese??? CRAZY, right…nah like I said I’m Mexican my Abuela Lupe adapted her meals for me all her life there’s nothing like a good bowl of sopa (rice). I will admit my years off diet did make this task HARD, but it is totally doable, especially when you even have the wait staff saying …”now should you really be eating that???” hahaha Oddly enough you’d think purely vegetarian and vegan places would be a PKUer Mecca, but not around here. Most focus on high-protein meat alternatives, which we can’t eat either. Well and frankly (hello?) This is Kansas City deary, the home of BBQ, ummm..Can you say not a lot veg-heads around here, except maybe the art district. To wrap it up and pull this whole thing together it all amounts to one thing…A willingness to be like an Army Ranger ADAPT and OVERCOME. Much Love y’all….see you next time.
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