Another try..

Another try..

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Another try..

June 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hello there, first of all I want to introduce myself, my name is Kate, I'm 25 and I live in Germany. Of course, I do have PKU too. Why else would I be here :)) I've always been on diet sometimes more sometimes less... Well I want to keep a stricter diet again, because I think it's much better for me. But it's not so easy, as you know too, food is like a drug, isn't it?! It's so hard to controll. Do you have advise for me? I started today with noting and weighting everything, so I know exactly how many phes I take per day. Actually, after lunch now, I have 134mg, so I think, to get my levels down in first place, I will have noodles and veggies this evening and that's it. I hope I can make it through the weekend without breaking it off, weekends are always harder than normal days at work, are you of that opinion too? So, since I'm a new member, I would be really happy to get to know some of you better :) Just drop me a line, I'll be happy to receive your messages! Now I'm starting in a challenging low Phe weekend :) Cross your fingers for me, please. Read you soon, Kate

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    Hi, Kate! It’s nice to meet you. I have a similar story to yours…I have always been on the diet, but sometimes have been better about sticking to it than others. Lately, I have been thinking about counting my phe a lot more closely. My blood levels have been good recently, but they jump around quite a bit. I do find that when I’m at home and not at work, I tend to “snack” a lot more, and high phe foods are easier and yummier to snack on! I hope you are able to stick to it. I have found that carrots are a good snack food. I don’t know what other low protein foods you have available to you, but I also like to make croutons out of low protein bread and make a snack mix out of it. :)

    Good luck this weekend, and keep us all updated!

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    you can do it!

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    Best of luck! I very much have similar problems, I looove food! I wish I could try everything, but sadly that’s not possible. My levels also tend to jump around quite a bit. They used to be really good when I was a child, but the teenage years have been tough, the worst part is that I notice on the next day when I’ve had a bad food day, I get headaches and have alot of trouble concentrating on anything.

    I agree that weekends are tougher then weekdays. I tend to have food all prepared for the weekdays, but any weekend food plans end up changing and I eat more, but I’m geting better with that, and you will too!

    I’ve also always been on the diet, I’m wanting to get better and more consistent levels too. The only advice I can think of is to try to find some low-protien snacks for the weekend, or do some PKU baking, like Chocolate Muffins! and freeze them, so when you start feeling a bit peckish all you have to do is zap one or two in the microwave and you have a quick, low protien snack right there :D
    Anyways, good luck, and anytime you wana chat or something just send a message :)

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