Any suggestion for a list for meals?

Any suggestion for a list for meals?

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Any suggestion for a list for meals?

July 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

I ;m a little confused and would like a little help with the following: Could you suggest a list with the content of phe of various meals? I know it seems weird, however, I have three differrent in my hands, with different values... For example, the one from my doctor reports that 400gr of peach have 150mgr of phe, the one from another dietician says 1 peach is only 15mg, and the british catalogue I have downloaded says its free!!! As I have started the fruits and veggies to my little one, her levels from 1 have raisen to 3,6-3,7 the last two weeks, and I 'm trying to find what's going on. I even thought that carrots are for free... It seems difficult, since we have found yet the amount she can have. Until now the levels were below or around one, and now this raise... I know there's also teething to blame , but I'm afraid we haven't work up yet the food thing...

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    I have always been told by my clinic to use the Low Protein Food List for PKU, compiled by Virginia Schuett. They are in the process of updating that book, and I am told that it will be a down-loadable version when it comes out, hopefully by Christmas. is where to get the information on that food list. 3.6-3.7 is in the range I am told to keep my levels in (2-6mg/dL) so I wouldn’t worry too much about your daughter’s levels! I hope this helped. It can be somewhat frustrating. Maybe when in doubt, go with the list your own dr. gave you to use?

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    Thanks pkukristi, I will order the list via net. I found very useful the Thanks for the help

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    As far as I know 15 mg of phe per peach sounds about right. You might want to ask your doctor where he/she got the amount of 150 mg of phe per 400 grams of peach…that sounds a bit much to me ;).

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