Appetite & Food Cravings

Appetite & Food Cravings

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Appetite & Food Cravings

January 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

I've noticed the past week or so that I'm hungry ALL the time. It's not a lack of calories or nutrition...I think I actually eat pretty well/balanced. I generally have some type of low protein bread product for breakfast, and salad or vegetable for lunch. Dinner is usually either something low protein or some type of vegetable. Ido have coffee throughout the day. I drink TONS of my formula to fill myself up...way more than I need. I feel like lately I'm craving whole grains & bread...I feel like I would just feel better if I ate a big bowl of rice. Anyone else have this problem? Any nutrition advice?

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    Topeka, Kansas

    i get that often too .. i also crave rice milk alot. just any sort of grain. i wish i had nutritional advice for you but i dont . I am pretty sure from what you write you eat healthlier than i do .. way to go with that :)

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    , Massachusetts

    Hey! I would love to take a stab at this (being the nutrition nerd that I am)! First of all… it is great that you drink so much formula to fill you up! This is the most important part of your diet. Though this does have protein (which is known as a filler up-er), and the nutrition you need (vitamins, minerals, etc) it is still a drink and takes less time to digest than intact protein… so it leaves your stomach quickly and it won’t keep you full for as long as if you could eat the protein. I am not saying stop the formula- keep it up!!!! Add a snack in there when you are drinking your formula outside of meal times. An apple is a very low snack with a good dose of fiber in it to hold you over… that with some formula is a pretty well balanced snack! Or try something like celery with salsa with formula… Snacks will give your stomach something to work on while waiting for the next meal, plus it can amp up your metabolism, and not make you feel like you are ‘starving’ once meal time comes. … But, from the sounds of it, your body is craving exactly what it needs! You are just having one low protein bread product in the morning on the days when you have a salad or veggie at lunch and dinner, that’s it (and not much)! It sounds to me like you do need a bit more substance in your diet. Your stomach still wants to be full! GO ahead and have another LoPro grain or bread product and lunch and dinner- you don’t have to go overboard-, or at least one or the other… whole grains are going to amp up the protein and PHE pretty quickly, so try combining the LoPro pasta or rice with some veggies (pasta salad?) so that the fiber you are missing from the whole grains is coming in from the veggies (Plus- fiber fills you up). It is easy to overload on the carb’s on a PKU diet, but you still need some to keep your body happy!

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    Cornwall, New York

    Hunter has great ideas! I also wanted to ask you… you’ve started Kuvan recently? Have you had any blood taken or results given back to you? It might be possible your levels are very low and your body is getting rid of too much protein? just a thought… in the meantime, follow Hunter’s advice.. I try to munch on fruit and veggies when those cravings come on!

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    Woodbridge, New Jersey

    Of course you’re always hungry. The rabbit food on the PKU diet doesn’t fill you up. The suggestion that you eat something when drinking formula is a good idea. Also instead of the 3 meal a day gig, try several small meals ( you’ve got the small part down) a day. this way you’re never hungry because your stomach is never completely empty.

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    Phelan, California

    I agree with patties1313 rabbit food is what have always called what we PKUers have to eat. You never feel quite full but I agree try eating some type of snack with your formula that might help fill you up until your next meal. Well good luck keep us posted :)

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    , New York

    Fiber and Protein tend to be what keeps you feeling full, both of which are sorely lacking in the PKU diet. There is some fiber in fruits and veggies but since many people with PKU cannot have whole grains, usually you are not getting enough. Consider adding Benefiber to some of your foods as well, especially pasta and bread dishes that are made with starches which the body breaks down so quickly. Pairing your drink with your meal is supposed to help. Cambrooke’s new GMP formula is made with a more natural intact protein. Samples are supposed to be available in the beginning of February. We tried it in Dallas and it actually tasted good!

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    Chicago, Illinois

    Thanks for all the suggestions. The problem is not so much always being hungry as specifically feeling hungry for whole grains. I am going to try to cut back on the liquid calories & try having more raw veggies around. I like the idea of adding the benefiber too. I’ll update you all in a few weeks. Kind of hoping to lose a few pounds with this too…

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