baby is coming, but first a little background story.

baby is coming, but first a little background story.

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baby is coming, but first a little background story.

March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yup I went to the doctor today knowing that when I would get out I would for sure be a mommy to be. I have to tell my family and honestly Im exspecting the worse. Just to get my story clear for people thinking why would your family be mad??? Well I'm for one only 20 next week I'll be 21. My parents are very very stricked, and they always have been. My mom and dad have always told me that I CANNOT get pregnet right now!! They have told me it would rewin my life, and it would rewin my relationship with my family too. well for a week now I have been hiding a huge secret. I've had many pannic attacks at home and even having to force my boyfriend to come get me or I could of ended up in the hospital. I'm usaly on pills for it but I stopped cause of the baby. But I think I can go back on soon and that will help out a lot!! Now my parents dont like my boyfriend, they see him like they see my ex. But he is nothing like my ex. My parents dont take the time to get to know my friends let alone my boyfriend. He is a retired marine even though he is only 20 he had to retire because he got hit by a drunk driver and got hurt really bad. My parents see him as a lazy person who as "croupted" me. I had my first drink with him, and also went on many trips and my parents see it as wrong for me to do. I've been sheltered all my life and now that I got new friends and a boyfriend who is good to me I wanna try new things!!! My boyfriend is the greatest thing to happen to me. He takes care of me and with this baby on the way he is excited and looking to a better job and going to school in May to become a cop. I got to let him know how truly scared I am for this baby, not because of money but because of the health of it. I told him that If there is something wrong with it or I miss carry how much it would mess with me! He held me and told me that I have to belive it will be ok and if something is wrong with the baby it will still be loved the same. Thats all I needed to hear. Still scared and still going to try EVERYTHING I can to make he or she healthy. This baby is coming very early there is still so much I wanna do... But I've alwaysed wanted to be a mom, so every thing im going to go threw no matter how much my parents get mad at me. I know this will all be worth it.. I'm getting to live a dream I've wanted since i was three!!! And i truly have a great boyfriend to go threw this with! I will post updated of the pregnacy with doctors appts. and other stoires... i'm excited to start my new life!

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    First of all Congrats on pregnancy having a baby is always a blessing x

    Secondly…i was 20 when i fell pregnant with my first and turned 21 while pregnant, but however i was in stable relationship…had my own house both of us worked etc and she was planned. I know u fear the worse for the health of ur baby because you fell pregnant not on diet but its down to you what you want for the future..i advise you to get strictly on ur diet and get ur blood levels down very low and keep it steady for the remaining of your not saying it will help but it will improve the health of baby if damage has nto already been done x

    Both of you need to get ur heads down..maybe find ur own place, jobs etc so u are financially ok for when baby arrivesx i know u say ur parents are strict but ur now 20-21 ur a young woman now ur old enough to make your own decisions.. am glad ur bf is very loving towards you and is there to look after you x

    i have heard of people who still have healthy babies while finding out pregnant without being on diet but i see them as a blessing from god and god healed them and i pray god will do the same for you and ur family x

    i just wanna say good luck and to adivse you to get ur diet under control..and i wish you all the best x

    Nic x

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