Baby testing n stuff

Baby testing n stuff

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Baby testing n stuff

May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well last week I went in for an testing day. They took out a lot of blood and also looked at the ultrasound.. So far the ultrasound is normal which is good for me. Im just now waiting on the blood work. Last week was really hard I had a level of 11! when I saw that i cried and couldnt belive that I had let it get that bad. When I told Ray he said to quit working and focas on the baby. So I did. Not only did that happen but we had to move again... Where to this time. His grandparents house... Rays mom is starting to show a very scary side.. After being out all day I like to relax my back and just lay down and maybe nap.. Well she came up to our room and told me that I was gonna help out with laundery... I thought ok.... and just did it. Well next was her going threw the little stuff i have trying to get me to sell most of my stuff... I started to freak! I called Ray up and said tell her to stop touching my shit!!! I told her no like 4 times!! He told her no we are not selling anything!!! She finaly backed off... Ray told me that we were gonna move to his grandparents house for a bit... thinking frick... moving again... We moved, Its been nice the grandparents greated me and gave me huge hugs. I still havent gotten all the stuff and im scared that she is going to get rid of all my stuff i have there. Not only that drama I aslo have drama with my own mom... she is telling lies and talking crap behind my back. Telling my aunt that I need to leave Ray for a real man who makes more money and who can really take care of me. She called him some very racist names... and I just lost it and had to leave the house and go for a walk... This is all over cause Ray was coming along to the testing appt... she didnt want him to go... My entire family hates him (besides my brother) And he hates my family... Its so stressful.. If this wasnt a high risk pregnacy I would just move outta state and just start over... I hope that i have less to vent about this next week cause on the 19th i have a ultrasound :)

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    gale said on May 14, 2011

    try and keep calm so as to follow your diet. a healthy baby is all that matters. you will be so proud.

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