baby update #2 :)

baby update #2 :)

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baby update #2 :)

March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well This week has been crazy!!! Last friday I orderd some formula casue I only had a couple of days worth! By monday night after work my dad tells me that they called back saying that I would not get some for about 10 days!!! I started to freak out! calling everyone Once I got a hold of my ditetishin she told me that I would have formula waiting for me at my ultrasound appt on thursday. Once thursday came along I woke up at 5 am from really bad morning sickness! I didnt have to be up till 6:30. About 5:30 my boyfriend Ray textes me saying that he wants to come get me early so we can get me some food. We finaly got to the hospital around 7:30! It was one of the nicest hospitals i have ever been in. We checked in and got my formula then sat and waited. Ray and I were kinda beeing goofy while waiting but thats how we keep ourselfs from being nervous. When we finaly got in to do the ultrasound I was starting to shake! I have been so fricken scared for the past couple of weeks. Well I finaly got to see the baby!!! He/she is healthy so far with a heart beat of 137 per min. So thats good :). I ment my pku prego doctor and I adore here! My first experince with an ultrasound went perfectly! I also got my level in today it was 0.2 very low but they are putting me at 6 grams of protien. I'm hoping that everything will stay like it is and this will get better and better. My next appt for the ultrasound is april 21st. But befor that I have a pku appt on the 28th. Ill have more updates by then :)

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    Aw Yay!

    some good news :-)

    Its great that you like ur hospital and the medical team, makes life alot easier :-) am glad ur scan went well too its always exciting getting that first scan :-) Ur level is ok i think cant tell because of the way You count it over there but 6 grams is alot, sorry about morning sickness tho lets keep fingers crossed it stays at bay!

    Good luck cant wait to hear ur next update x

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    belfast, INTERNATIONAL


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