Baby update

Baby update

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Baby update

March 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

This has been the hardest week of my life!! Well since thursday a lot has happend. After the doctors appt I walked out to my boyfriend pacing the waiting room. i gave him a big smile and said your going to be a daddy! We walked out and he stopped me and hugged me and almost started to cry as he was laughing saying, Oh my god! I'm a daddy! He gave me a big kiss and then we stopped by his work so he could get his check. I was nervas to tell my mom but I was also overwhelmed with happiness. When I finaly told her she cried but gave me a kiss and said she loved me. she came downstairs to my boyfriend and said to both of us, "I'm going to kick both of your asses!" She latyer huged Ray. Ray and I left so my mom could go tell her sister the news. We ended up going to a couple of stores and getting a soda. Later he took me home so he could go find a better job. I waited for my dad to get home and once he was home, he lost his mind. Said the most hurtful things i have ever heard and something no expecting mother should ever hear! That night my brother denton stayed with me and cheered me up making jokes and just making me happy again. The next day I called the pku clinic, I was told I am a very high risk pregnacy which already knew i was, I still cried cause no one wants to hear that. I also set up an appt to see a specalest for looking for brain and heart issues. I'm very nervas and i was depressed all day. My mom finaly told my family in the south that i was haing the baby and they were excited! saying that they love me and that they are here for me. Layter that night my Aunt came over and hugged me. I got to love on her little merical Mya, My aunt was told that she couldnt have kids after haveing 5 misscarrages she had Mya, she is a heathy baby and she gives me hope for my baby. When my dad came home he Yelled at me more, I just ended up crying and worring everyone including Ray. I didnt anwser my phone when friends called and didnt reply to text or email when they left me messages. It was the one night i just wanted to cry and let myself be sad. Well today My boyfriend is kinda upset. but i dont really think he understands how i feel all alone with this, and how this is all on me. So later today I'm going to talk to him about it. Well i wont be writing till after the 28th when i have my pku appt and ultra sound. Ill have a bigger uptdate then :)

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    Aww I am so glad to hear MOST of your family are all being so supportive! :) I don’t blame you for wanting to be alone though! I hope it all goes well for you on the 28th! I will be thinking of you! I have an appointment myself on the 28th too so you will have to let me know how you go! Best Wishes, my thoughts are with you! Becs x x x

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    Congrats on your baby! Hang in there. Your dad will come around. I am glad the rest of the family is supportive of you and your boyfriend. Try to be as strong as you can for your child. I know you can do it! Make sure to stay on top of formula and eating the right foods. Your clinic will be your best friend during your pregnancy. :)


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