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Back again

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Back again

December 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone! I have been busy with bub who is now 9 months old, and unfortunately since i have had her have had really bad complications had an infection in the wound after my c-section, and now have Atrial Fribulation/flutter, which means my heart is out of rhythm, and has been to fast! But feeling better this week!!! Bub is healthy and happy she is ahead in her development, trying to walk already! Will post a photo soon. Tash

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    Palmerston North, INTERNATIONAL

    Hope things get better for you healthwise. Glad to hear Bub is happy and healthy :)

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    Aubrey, Texas

    Hi there,
    Glad to hear your baby is doing good and hope things get better for you also. I am 34 and have classical PKU and have a very healthy, beautiful 10 year old girl, non-PKU. ;-) My husband and I are expecting our second baby, I am 6 weeks, 1 day pregnant, as of today. I have my first prenatal appt. this Tuesday. I agree with you, it is all about the baby and the baby’s health that gives you such a driving force of determination! Praying and hoping all looks good and going well. Anyway, just wanted to keep in touch with you if you like. It is sooo nice to have others who can relate on the same level, who have been through simular challenges as far as PKU but especially…Maternal PKU.

    Look forward to hearing back from you. ;-)


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