back! and doing better...

back! and doing better…

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back! and doing better…

October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Its been a while since ive been on here. Some of you guys have said some comferting things to me and it made me smile So thank you! :) Well I'm now in my FIRST apparment. Its ghetto but still i call it home. The first week here i didnt have hot water... Then our sink broke. Yea good think the repairs are FREE!! :D Well I have been asked by my boyfriend to NOT get a job. He aske me to stay hom and just keep the place clean and to make dinner... yea not going to turn that offer down... I gotta say i thought Marines were clean... NOPE not him! he throws his garbage on the ground and keeps the dishes in our room.. But he does help out with garbage.. I make him dinner almost every night. and when he is off breakfest and lunch. Some people wouldnt like doing this but i do.. just cause i know im good at it.. people call me his future house wife. I just smile and ask if there jealous? Ray works 12 to 21 hour shift 2 to 4 days out of the week... when he doesnt he is home sucks being alone for the day, but i got on walks, watch movies, and clean or cook. right now were trying to get a kitty well three kitties. but the apparment lady says no. but if i get a Doctors not saying i need a companion cause im home alone there is nothing they can do. So just waiting on a doctors appt. Ive gotten to see my mom and brothers. I went back to layton and suprised my mom and scared her... my brother gave me a huge hug... it makes me sad that i missed there 18th birthday... Ive been still off my diet but drinking my milk... i plan on going back on it here soon... Its nice to eat whatever but i like freaking out people when they see me as a veggie eater.. pluse that was the big thing that got ray to notis me. I have been happier latly but i know ill be sad next month, november 8th was my due date. so were celabrating it as her birthday... this is it so far nothing big going on. but im sure somthing will happen soon maybe something good :)

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    Chicago, Illinois

    Hey! I’m sorry to hear November is going to be rough for you. I hope you get through it smoothly and with good support. I would really encourage you to make lots of fruits and veggies for yourself and try to use your time to experiment with some good PKU foods. is a great website with lots of really good low protein ideas that even non-pku’ers will like. Make sure you are taking care of you! Let me know if you want suggestions for food ideas.

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    Glad to hear you are getting through day by day. I would be jealous of your lifestyle!! sounds absolutely wonderful! I will be thinking of u on the 8th November…Make sure you spend it with your man :) it will be a special day for you both to remember! Always thinking of you, only really come on 2c if you have replied now n 2c how u r!! lots of love Becs x x x x

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    wait what was november 8th? Whos birthday? Sorry but I forgot

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