Being a Teen.

Being a Teen.

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Being a Teen.

June 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

First of all I just want to say, life as a teen is rubbish, do you agree? Especially when that teen has Pku and sometimes says they wish they never had it. Hello im Chloe and im 14 yrs old and I have PKU. Sometimes I think im lucky to have PKU and others I regret I said that, but thats only when im anoyed about something stupid, thats just me being a teen, I sometimes break down in tears for the most stupidest things ever like, "I DONT WANT TO DIE!alt" or "I DONT WANT MY FAMLIY TO DIE!alt" thats what I used to say when i was about 11/12 now i always cry because i think im alone in the world because my friends leave me out and my mum gets in a big bad mood when shes tired and my dad lives in london and i like in a small little village called Goose eye (its in Bradford basiclly) so its miles away and we only met each other last summer i havn't seen him for ten years and sometimes he dosnt talk to mealt, so im going throught a bit of a hard time with pressure on my back, but its must be like any other teenager, we all have diffrent problems so i say to all you teens out there if you do have pressure behind your back, i just want to say relax and sweep it over your head like a brush, dont get all depressed about it because trust me its just making it worse. So being a teen is rubbish but if you think about it, its not so bad after all. alt

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    Tucson, Arizona

    I agree with you. I work with the teenagers at my church and it seems like EVERYONE has the teenager problems of getting along with friends, family, and it’s hard because your hormones are going wacko so you are very emotional, you don’t feel like you look “perfect” because the hormones are causing acne, your body is changing and you’re sort-of becoming an adult. You want the perks of being an adult, but you also want the security of mom and dad (when it’s convenient for you!). I definitely think the advice to basically go with the flow and don’t let these issues upset you very much is worthwhile. The great thing is, someday you won’t be a teenager anymore and you’ll look back and probably say, “why was that such a big deal at the time?!” :) I know I do! The PKU diet is only one thing in a list of all of the pressures. Unfortunately it is one that sometimes stands out a lot, and can potentially make the other issues worse. When I was a teenager, the big question was always whether my emotional outbursts were related to a high phe level or hormones, or a little of both? We have control over one of them, so I recommend that you do your best to make it so that you only have emotional outbursts (crying) from the hormones. ;) When i was 14 or 15, I really started thinking about what I could do for myself so that I could be the person I wanted to become and so I started making HUGE changes in a positive way re. my diet and drinking all of my formula everyday. I think that really helped me with my grades and all of my extracurricular activities in high school.

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    Good advice pkukristi :)

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    Kristi is right. No matter where you go or who you speak to every teen has their own set of problems and pressures. If you meet a teen who says they don’t have issues to deal with they’re lying ;). The best we can do is take each issue one step at a time and face it head on! Including PKU. You sound like you’re on the right track. Keep doing what your doing, and we’re always here to help if you need it.

    Breanna 19 CPKU

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    Thanks for the advice everyone and now im 14, mabey its time to think about my health a bit more because its not just my hormones that get to me, its also the high phe levels that gets me moody and miserable and im sort of rock bottom with my grades which makes me annyoed more, but now im going to try calm down more by eating the right fruits and veg and just being my self and happy around famliy and friends and with my pressures im going to get through with them and live life no matter how hard it is.

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    Palmerston North, INTERNATIONAL

    Great Blog. I also had trouble at your age with my levels, and the worst thing was that it dramatically affected my concentration during class if they were high. I was also diagnosed with mild depression, however that was not due to phe levels, as I was depressed for months on end.
    You’ve already taken a step in the right direction by deciding to take charge of your diet, and that will help with quite a few things, if you find the depression is continuous then i would recommend talking to your Mum, I waited almost too long before talking to mine, but once I did things started getting better.
    If you ever need any help diet wise, or just an ear to listen to a PKU rant that not many others would understand, feel free to talk to anyone on here :) we’ll listen and help as best we can.

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    Thank you Glassie, i am a bit like that too, i loose concentration at school if my levels are high too, and i do get a bit depressed, so my mum knows when my levels are high and so do i, but i just get really moody and when everyone else is happy, i try to be too, but its hard to stay that way. I will talk to other people on this because they will be going through exactly what i am, thats why i really like this website.

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    Hi Chloe,
    Its good that you know that high Phe levels will effect the way you feel, it took me a long time to figure that out. Being a teen is not much fun and I can relate to feeling alone. I cant relate with your issue with your dad and mom, but take heart Chloe no matter how your dad or mom might treat you it doesn’t change the fact that you are a great loveing caring and compasionate young girl. I know I dont know you but I can get all that from the few paragraphs you wrote in your blog.
    Take care Chloe and stick in there.

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