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September 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Okay i know its been a while since i did this i was just very busy with school. if anyone out there wants to talk to me they could on here or on Facebook. Okay now blood levels are very important. when i was young it was suppose to be 5 or under. now since i turned 12 i just needed to be 7. If you don't know what i'm talking bout cuz your a parent, once you have a PKU kid you need to pick your son or daughter's finger and send their blood in and you get a blood level that shows how your child's doing. But here's what a parent will see and all you teens of alll ages, your blood level will get high! But its how you react to that, if you choose to starve yourself and not eat you're only hurting yourself. If you scream, cry, get angry, or stress yourself out. Or you could stop and say," Okay i need to get my blood level down, i'll just watch my diet better." Having PKU requires some self displine. When you become a teenager its all on you, you can go through life thinking you are different and try to get pity from people or you could learn how to live with this and live a great healthy life. Ever since i was little i knew this PKU is not an excuse for me to not be successful or smart. This PKU is not the excuse that i can't bench 120 pounds. Its not the excuse for me to not ask a girl out. Its not an excuse for me not to be like everyone else. You have a dream then go for it nothing can stop you. The only thing that's stopping you is you. I always wanted to be an author and i still do. I write storys all the time and now i'm on the urge of writing a new one. I always wanted to help people, but now i can do that and be a author. i am going to write a book that explains good foods that PKU people like us should have or can have and some foods you didn't know we could have, this will take a while but i'm gonna do it cuz i want to. I can't cure everyone but i could do something to help us all. Also don't think i only can do this cuz i say this, you all could do this. You just need to help yourselves. And believe in yourselves because i believe in all of you! 
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