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June 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

altHi Everyone I'm new to this, I have PKU and am on a low protein diet. I sometimes feel so tired & lack energy does anyone else have this?

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    belfast, INTERNATIONAL

    i have had this too. it is usually due to phe levels being too high. it has been a problem for me so dont let the hospital tell you its nothing to do with pku. i ended up taking more supplement for low zinc and selenium levels. i was happy that they listened . i understand how much this can effect you on a daily basis. maybe your phe levels are too high. it was a year before i got treated. good luck and def tell them

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    sheridan, Indiana

    Hi Clairey, Yes, it’s normal to feel tired and feel next to no energy. Your energy probably will go up as your levels come down. My name is Katrina and I also have PKU and have struggled with staying on it all my life. I am 39 and I have 2 kids and neither one of them have PKU. I’m the only one in my family that does have it. I also struggle with feeling tired with lack of energy. I try to ignore it but sometimes you just can’t.

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    Taylor, Michigan

    ya all the time it is nothing new lol if it is not one thing it is another it could be your head with headaces or you stomach it just depends

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